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  1. We have a ladybug in our house and a stink bug!
  2. We know the winter stinks. We know the trend is not our friend. Let's keep the traditional weather chats clear and get all our anger out here!
  3. Here I though the models were heating-up with a change in storm track. Nope - just Caps chatter! I did like the fog machine when they entered the game.
  4. We need more fog chances! Models are not looking very promising this morning.
  5. Tracking a nice storm on the models for June! Let's start a thread! *Sarcasm* Key this winter is that a trend has set-up and we are obviously on the wrong side of it. I think we will get a thump storm but it will be between the transition from Winter to Spring IMO.
  6. High hopes yesterday with the long range to low hopes today.
  7. The Stages of model hugging... 1) Excitement that a major storm is coming and the celebration begins with thoughts of shoveling and hot cocoa 2) One model run flips to a wet and not white scenario - depression sets in. 3) Night model run comes in with a sweet hit and we all go to bed like Santa is arriving in the morning. 4) Wake-up in the morning and the storm vanishes 5) Afternoon model runs show a Southern tracker - everyone is pissed off. 6) The storm vanishes all together and on to the next storm.
  8. Remember just a week ago when everyone had cancelled winter. Model hugging is never the way to go....either way.
  9. As Dr. Haybear said, "When there is fog, expect snow in 2 weeks to come!"
  10. Dr. Haybear of PSU indicates a massive pattern flip early February. Uses the fog methodology. Thoughts are that when we have a warm and damp period with fog it is usually accompanied by some SECS. Look for this as we head into February - a classic set-up to come.