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  1. I tend to view things from a less materialistic view point such as full on Darwinism in the terms of atheism. My faith is that of Intelligent Design where Darwinian principles simply are genes that contain a programmed code to activate when we are not taking care of our bodies as a defensive mechanism that does not activate automatically because of simply genes but rather of the choice within ourselves to be ignorant of how we take care of ourselves. Darwinian Atheism is the removing of responsibility that no matter what we do and how healthy we try to keep ourselves we are fated to get that disease to which I no longer buy into because the fault is on the individual not knowing of how to eat properly, how to control our emotions, and act in a respectful way according to what our nature is. And my immune system at 41 in human linear terms is so compromised because of my diet and the inability to gain control of myself, my ego, that I am getting the response that I am because it is my fault not paying attention to the suffering of my relatives that I may have the same genes of my mother more then my father and what is left Diabetes Type 2 losing one toe already, and Retinopathy that requires Avastin (A cancer drug with Mercury) shots which by the way can destroy brain cells but is necessary as I have no other solution but to accept the black magican's medical treatment in order to keep my vision to allow me to study on my time on subjects that require deep thought and concentration which involve the study of the Paleo and Keto diets, as with an assortment of deep knowledge of climate, cometary and volcanic observation to Philosophy. and Mysticism. In short it's our fault that we are sick because of ignorance which the universal consciousness holds us responsible regardless whether we are in the know or not and receive the proper condition as rhythms vibrate to the polarity of the service to self condition which is a consequence of what we Generate which we are defaulted to. There are no mutations that happen randomly, as per design programs as we destroy the possibility to be. The only way in is the way out to treat the disease ourselves with the doctors in assistance and not them telling us what to do and most preferably holistic solutions as the primary choice with allopathic as a specialty when natural solutions fail. In other words work on thyself to study the self to understand the human condition in order to know who I am and how to fix and contain the damage that I have already done to thyself through a discerning process to learn in this school to understand my connection to the universal christ to be in Service to Others as close as possible as this world allows thee. And that process includes taking care of thy health. BTW that rumor has it that disease is a failed vaccine that mutated out of a Chinese lab - just one of the rumors.
  2. Well we will have plenty of Spring chances on the Winter that was not.
  3. Getting close to March the Winter that was Not thread, should be an interesting period of the transition to full on Spring.
  4. Winterless Winter Day at 50 degrees with average temps supposed to be at 32 this time of year. Mother nature wants to clearly send us a message through this weather that she is not fooling or playing games with us. One assumes a freezer is in our future and when it happens the complaints here will be about too much cold and no snow. Wait, watch, and see coming next season to a winter near you.
  5. Also an article from January: <snip> Combined with the unusually high pressure in the Pacific, this is a perfect recipe for cold air outbreaks into Canada and western/northern United States. The core polar vortex circulation over the Greenland area promotes cold north flow down into the United States, as seen on the temperature anomaly forecast below. Sadly that means W/SW flow for the SE United States and less chance of a colder winter episode. On the other side, that same polar vortex core over Greenland lowers the pressure in the North Atlantic, and creates a mild zonal flow towards Europe, and promotes pressure building, keeping winter mainly away from the continent. This is a very fine example of a "coupling" between the stronger stratospheric polar vortex and the troposphere. Source
  6. The few remaining cries in the dust of a locked up winter How so few remain amidst a locked up winter In chains behind the prison walls With the keys being passed from Autumn to Spring
  7. like it or not this warm up we are getting now is no ordinary warm up, we are making the transition to Spring now and any snow we get from here on out will either be brief changing to rain or April like snow that falls very wet. You can even since the air mass is Spring, so we can chalk the weather up at the this point as an early beginning to life, the gold era in the 12 month cycle has Sprung early.
  8. In fact only 53% of our Meteorological WInter snowfall has fallen this winter compared to the measly 63% from last season as far as Dec to Feb is concerned, though there is ankle room for growth which might edge up the numbers for this season. The fundamental difference between the two seasons for my geographic location is that the average temperature despite the firehouse Pacific last season landed on the cold side of normal, while under the Strong Positive Arctic Oscillation the temperature are currently and will likely end up on the very mild side. The winter of 18-19 ended with 98% of snowfall though in March those numbers bought it above average overall which I do not think we see an epic March anywhere as many are hoping. Here are the numbers: Greenwood, NS (based in cm) Year Dec Jan Feb Total Percentage 19-20 21.4 45.6 34.9 101.9 52.3907455012853 18-19 28 47 48.2 123.2 63.3419023136247 17-18 58.2 108.7 23.2 190.1 97.7377892030849 Average 194.5
  9. Consider it my attempt to philosophize reason good or bad and even widely misunderstood. I am high in openness but low in conscientious as per big 5 personality traits.
  10. Never indicated that I believed that the model was going to magically happen as pointed out by that output. However as with the previous snow storm output it could happen just like it rains cats and dogs all day, but perhaps it can be sunny. With this progressive fast flow the models this far out are putrid which proves the lack of true understanding of our own climate during a cylindrical change from one regime to another whether global warming or even towards ice ages. Point being within the occult circles science as it is today is considered subjective because human beings do not have an understanding of our very psychology and lack understanding to properly discern data beyond a nit to cherry pick what we like and stick to our own biased view as per eye that looks upon us whether merciful or wrathful. Even I am bound for the moment to the same laws of the general law of gravity that keeps me heavy in my own views.
  11. Every possibility counts it is just that you chose not to see the scenario that you do not want until there is a consistency in the models which for you have dragged on and on forever this winter as being warm and rainy. And only then when the walls do close on you as time approaches infinity at zero point time do you let your emotions control you, do I in my identification that must be worked on. And the only reason why I get snow is the Lattitude advantage I have over you which gives me a mixed climate of SNE and NNE at the same time where systems can change variably. I do empathize with you though that MN does not want to cooperate with you or me this winter, and for that matter last winter, but at least you were warm last winter and that was a given with your low snow, I was on the cold side of average with little no snow storm until Valentines Day last winter.
  12. Which then becomes rains to Maine and Northern New Brunswick:
  13. 71 pages on volume two, will we get to 100 by the end of the month and will we see a volume 3 edition. Nice Soap Opera by the way.
  14. Hour 384 with that snow storm coming up the coast is hardly anything to look at from that long distance of your eye. It is simply wishful thought playing to your ego that you want it to be true, but at the end of the day with the way this pattern is shaping up mother nature is in the game this year of "keep away." And there is indeed a valuable lesson, but we cannot learn that lesson if she gives us just one otherwise all we do is not learn that what you want you cannot always have, in fact what we want in life we rarely get, and if we do we never get to keep it. Never doubt the snow less winter scenario even in a climate where there is no man made global warming or there is climate change due to dust, particles, comets, volcanic eruption, that lead to ice ages. 11 121 74.7
  15. Should be locked in as a rain, drizzle, and fog scenario for all coastal areas. As an added bonus rains to all of Maine - well maybe if there is a trend towards the colder northern Maine might get away with snow with the rest of us getting 40s and 50s again.