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  1. 28 this morning at the house with heavy frost to the ground. I see the mention of wintry weather Sunday night, but it's still uncertain at this range for anything other than speculation. Models are suggesting we get cold early next week. That cold core upper low track is critical to what next week brings. Meanwhile we continue to see those very colorful digital snowfall totals. Not sure I'm ready to dig out of 2 feet of snow!
  2. Already down to 35 at the house. Our forecast of 31 for a morning low in Maggie looks like a bust. We'll need to thread the needle and get the phasing just right for early next week, but I do believe the first 10 days of December look doable for wintry weather for us Mountain folk.
  3. I've been monitoring the long range guidance for about a week and I must admit now that we are approaching the medium range, the ECMWF and the Canadian are intriguing. If trends hold into Thursday, believe we have a shot at some wintry weather. That's a powerful storm signal exiting Texas late this coming week!
  4. Coldest morning of the Fall season so far. Hit 25 at the house.
  5. You've already had a post deleted. Perhaps as a Red Tagger you should refrain from posting.
  6. Temperature dropping quickly this evening. Already down to 37. We had a wild fire break out this afternoon in Maggie above the Golf course. Amazing to see the fires burning now that it's dark.
  7. Woke up to a chilly 35 this morning with frost. Cold over performed in the Valley. I see a stronger front sweeps through Sunday with a stronger Canadian High arriving Tuesday. Looking like a cooler regime is ahead for the week and dry!
  8. Down to freezing at 8 PM in Maggie. Far earlier than last night.
  9. It never got above 45 today in Maggie. My bird baths still have a thin layer of ice on them!
  10. Coldest morning of the season with a low of 27 at the house.
  11. More trees came down today in our neighborhood. Wind is blowing hard this evening. Temperatures are falling quickly now.
  12. I had a low of 30 this morning in Maggie with heavy frost to the ground. I won't be surprised to see a flurry or two late Sunday night/early Monday morning in the NW flow. Winter is coming.
  13. Tropical Storm Warnings verified for Maggie today. Highest gusts were between 8 and 9:30 AM. My neighbor just above the house recorded gusts to 60 MPH on his weather station. Thankfully we had no trees falling on our property, but another neighbor had two trees fall across the driveway to their house.
  14. Getting gusts into the 50 MPH range above 3500 ft in Maggie now. Trees are starting to fall nearby.
  15. Tropical Storm Warnings now hoisted.