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  1. Amazing storms in Maggie this evening! And elk were down munching on apples. Life is good!
  2. After almost 7 months, we are done with the complete renovation of our Maggie home. Exterior painting was completed today. Elk are active and today was the warmest we've experienced!
  3. Fingers crossed we will get our exterior painting completed this week. We are only 3 weeks behind schedule on that project to complete our total renovation project...sigh
  4. After 7 hours of no power in Maggie yesterday evening, our little town had an amazing 4th of July Fireworks displaythat lasted about 30 minutes. I hope all of you Western NC folk enjoyed Independence Day. God Bless you all!
  5. It was definitely a front porch evening watching thunderstorms roll across Maggie. Fingers crossed we can get the exterior painting project completed this week in spite of the forecast!
  6. Next week looks chilly and unsettled once again as a strong upper trough and stalled frontal boundary meanders nearby.
  7. Definitely not weather conducive for exterior painting of the house. That final phase of our total renovation will have to wait another week I suppose.
  8. Good to see folks out and about in Maggie. It's starting to feel somewhat "normal" and we had a brief break from the rain! Happy Memorial Day Mountain folk!
  9. 48F this morning in Maggie. Unfortunately I do not see any break in this unsettled pattern throughout the next week and a half. Looks like a cut off upper low over NE Mexico and far West Texas this weekend and early next week will pump deep tropical moisture our way as our cold core cutoff upper low finally begins to fill in and slowly move out.
  10. Off and on rain since around 5 AM in Maggie. Nothing heavy at this time, but we've had a couple of waves of sometimes moderate rates.
  11. 34 for the morning low in Maggie and still a chilly 48 at 1:30 PM. Tomorrow morning under good rediational cooling may bring a impressive May 10th low temperature to the area. Enough of this nonsense, bring on warm weather!
  12. It reached 33F this morning at the house in Maggie. I will not be surprised to see a mix of some snow and rain tomorrow evening at 3500 feet.
  13. Quickly falling through the 40's in Maggie. And to think I was in shorts and flip flops yesterday. Thankfully this is not a repeat of early May 1992!
  14. Another day with sprinkles of rain and chilly. Really getting worried for our local businesses trying to survive. We need to carefully get back to "normal" in Haywood County.
  15. Seeing reports of snow flurries in Nashville.