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  1. 34 for a high today. Woke up this morning with beautiful snow covered mountains above 5K. Probably heading to the upper teens tonight with ideal radiational cooling. Perhaps we'll have a shot at snow next weekend.
  2. 3km suggests 2 inches around Maggie. I'll nickel and dime my way to an annual average by the end of April I suspect.
  3. We had a tremendous success in Maggie yesterday with the 1st Ice Festival. Early indications are that 10000 people invaded Maggie Valley that cased massive traffic problems with traffic backed up to Highway 74 in Waynesville and to I-40 on 276. Maggie had not seen this sort of traffic issues since the days of Ghost Town In the Sky and the completion of 5 lanes on US 19 (Soco Rd) according to several life long residents. The weather was perfect with temperatures in the mid 40’s in the afternoon falling to the mid 30’s at 8 PM. The coming week into late next weekend continues to advertise a messy, dreary weather pattern with rain, potentially freezing rain, sleet and snow on several occasions throughout the next 7 days.
  4. I've had off and on flurries all day. Just a dusting this morning, but I was surprised to get anything from this system. Perhaps it's me, but I'm intrigued by the upcoming week into next weekend. Maybe we can get an unexpected surprise or two. Fingers crossed!
  5. The mountain wave has arrived. Winds are increasing dramatically the past 15 minutes and gusts approaching 60 MPH are possible even in the Valley. On a personal note, my 88 year old Mom survived the EF-3 Tornado that impacted SE Texas yesterday afternoon by getting in her bath tub just before it struck her apartment complex in Deer Park, TX. I am forever grateful for my friends and former colleagues at NWS HGX and the Houston media who got the message out ahead of time and throughout the day yesterday. So far, there has not been any deaths or significant injuries associated with the Tornado.
  6. Already down to 28 at 6 PM. It's going to be a chilly night!
  7. We've had flurries all day and never really amounted to anything but a trace. Hopefully we can get a bit more Wednesday night into Thursday. Cataloochee is making snow like crazy today. They are trying to get the last 3 runs on the mountain open this week.
  8. Can't even call it a dusting in Maggie. Just a few spots on the decks and that's it.
  9. While some are lamenting that winter is done and dead, we likely are about to experience a week with multiple chances of snow, possibly 3 to be exact. My hope is our ski areas have more chances to make snow and some natural to increase their bases. I frankly don't trust what wx Twitter and the model mood swings are selling. I will gladly post pictures throughout the week, if it verifies and be satisfied.
  10. NWFS looks likely Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. I'll take the couple of inches the NAM suggests for me and be happy! Already down to freezing and snow making is beginning for Cataloochee and Tube World. For anyone interested in a FREE event, Maggie Valley will host the First Annual Ice Festival with Ice Sculptures and many other activities and displays with Ice. This free event will be held at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds next Saturday from 3 to 8 PM.
  11. I enjoyed the warm weather today and it gave me a chance to pump out and clean the Jacuzzi before our next batch of Guests arrive this weekend. My partner hopped on his Indian and rode over to Cherokee taking full advantage of the warmth ahead of the much colder air on the horizon. Still looking like a chance of NWFS Sunday night into Monday and another potential mid next week. The models are suggesting a much colder pattern arrives next week and I believe we have a reasonable shot at a synoptic snow event in the next 7 to 10 days.
  12. I hit 52 after a morning low of 28. Melting everywhere today, even on the N facing mountains. Currently 48.
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