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  1. What a gorgeous day in the Valley. Happy Thanksgiving mountain folk!
  2. It's beginning to look like a flood/possibly severe thunderstorms threat for late week. That said any upper disturbance with its origin the the Central Pacific riding into the Baja typically give the models fits. Let's wait until Wednesday for any certainty of what is mostly likely the sensible weather for Friday into the weekend. Did anybody notice the very long range GFS? That is one heck of a blocking regime!
  3. 19 for my low this morning in Maggie. They are making snow at Tube World. That is awfully early compared to the past 3 years!
  4. I've got to say that the ensembles are beginning to look interesting for the Thanksgiving timeframe. Hopefully the trends continue to improve over the next several days.
  5. It's going to be a cold night across the Smoky Mountains. Temperature here in Maggie has already dropped to 31 at 6 PM.
  6. Absolutely no complaints from me about the rain. We needed it and the pond up a Cataloochee needed it. It sure is looking cold over the next week. Low temperatures in the teens look very possible with several days of never getting out of the 30's.
  7. Winter Weather Advisory hoisted for the Mountains and portions of the Escarpment.
  8. 23 for my low this morning. Very heavy frost as well. It's already warmed up to 28. Cataloochee Ski Area will open at 9:00 AM for 2022/2023 Season!
  9. We made it to 35 today and already dropping to 30. It's going to be a very cold night and the snow guns continue to blow up at Cataloochee!
  10. Cataloochee has been busy overnight and all the snow guns a blowing this morning all the way to the top. Perhaps an early opening this week?
  11. Congratulations to everyone! We needed the rain badly. Nothing more than a steady light/moderate rain last night and throughout the day here in Maggie. No wind to speak of in the Valley. Now comes the cold air. I seeing a pattern that may well keep us unsettled and cold beyond Thanksgiving into early December. Fingers crossed that we stay chilly well into December!
  12. The 12Z GFS suggests the possibility of accumulating snow in Asheville next Tuesday. It suggests rain/snow mix beginning here in Maggie Monday evening with 2 to 3 inches possible even into Waynesville. Cold air looks to wedge in nicely this weekend setting the stage for early next week.
  13. Beyond the rainfall from Nicole, the pattern is beginning to look a bit interesting. A parade of disturbances appears likely trekking along the Northern Gulf into the SE beneath a potent full latitude trough. The first in a series of storm system begins to impact the Mountains Monday night into Tuesday with a chance of wintry weather and the second the following weekend and a third a few days before Thanksgiving. It looks like chilly air may well be entrenched during that time frame, it will be worth monitoring. I checked in this morning to Cataloochee's website and I noticed they were testing a few snow guns. It's that time of year!
  14. The European model is not as reliable beyond 5 days as it used to be. I realize that many still consider it "the King". The American model is holding its own and there is some uncertainty even for the weekend. I see the CPC is calling for much colder air this weekend. Perhaps we flirt with the teens in the Mountains and even the high Valleys. Next Week is tricky but worth monitoring for some wintry mischief around these parts.
  15. We had a snow threat back in 2019 just after Thanksgiving. Fortunately it looks like a significant pattern change arrives this week and lingers into the week before Thanksgiving. 2019 brought a 2 inch snow fall in Maggie around the 8th or 9th. Regardless it looks like snow making opportunities for Cataloochee as well as Tube World the next several weeks!
  16. 34 with heavy frost this morning in Maggie. A whole family of Elk have been hanging out daily in the pasture with 3 yearlings. Rut is almost done for the year. Cataloochee is gearing up for ski/board season as well. Another couple of weeks and chilly enough nights should bring snow making opportunities. #ThinkSnow
  17. Just a trace here at the house Tuesday night. We've been missing rain more than not throughout the end of summer into early fall unfortunately. I'm hopeful over the next couple of weeks we can get the drought situation under control.
  18. 44 here this morning, but low stratus hanging over the Valley was the culprit. Fingers crossed the rain chances hold for Sunday into Monday. We are getting terribly dry here in Haywood County.
  19. 32 this morning with frost to the Valley floor. What an amazing early season cold spell for the Mountains!
  20. Temperature managed to hit 50 here in Maggie after a low of 28. The Polar trees are done dumping for the most part and we really need some rain before fire danger becomes a problem. One more night of good radiational cooling before the warm up begins. Excellent photos folks! Thanks for sharing!
  21. Already down to freezing at 7 PM. We have guests that spent the day up on the Parkway and stated that they drove in flurries throughout their journey.
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