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  1. 45 this morning at the house. Another glorious day here in the Mountains. Looking like some moisture may move in for the weekend.
  2. Morning low was 48 here at the house this morning. What a glorious day with partly cloudy skies and a high of 67!
  3. Looking like a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is coming for the Mountains.
  4. Thunderstorms over night finally brought enough rain to wash down the pollen. The models suggest that an unsettled pattern may persist the next couple of weeks.
  5. Not much in the rain department today, but every drop counts. Already down to 46. I'll probably drop to the mid 30’s by morning.
  6. Cool weekend with rain chances on Saturday. It's looking like a couple of shots of cold air could arrive before the calendar turns to May.
  7. The weekend snow was impressive even here in the Valley. I probably has at least a couple of inches, but no way of really knowing for sure. The heavier squalls would drop around a half inch or more then quickly melt after they passed yesterday. A couple of the squalls actually covered the driveway temporarily and those rates were likely an inch or more per hour. Looking like another shot of cold air could arrive in about 8 to 10 days.
  8. Heavy rates and the ground is covered in Maggie.
  9. Visibility dropped to less than a quarter mile in the last squall that moved through. Temperature down to 36 now. I won't be surprised to see some minor accumulations overnight even here in the Valley.
  10. Snow showers in Maggie now. Coming down pretty good too.
  11. Surprised to see WSW for Graham and Swain Counties above 3500 ft. Looking like the WSW winds this evening may throw a kink in the forecast. Advisory event for the rest of us.
  12. Interesting to see GSP suggest minor accumulations down to 2500 ft.
  13. Been a while since I have heard this much thunder.
  14. 76 was my high today. The Japanese Red Maples have put out new leaves and the Poplar trees are budding out. I don't expect any accumulation here near the Valley floor, but it certainly is possible that Buck Mountain may have snow on the ground above 4000 ft.
  15. I watched it start and spread throughout the afternoon and evening from the front porch. Sheepback Fire is nearing the Ridgeline this morning. Thankfully the air drops helped and fire crews were able to surround the homes that have been endangered with pumper trucks. We had winds blowing around 25 mph yesterday afternoon that caused the fire to move rather quickly up Sheepback Mountain.
  16. 29 with frost this morning. Virtually every model suggests the possibility of snow showers Friday into next Saturday across the Mountains. Surprised to see some consistency beyond 5 days so I guess it's worth monitoring.
  17. 39 here in Maggie. Not expecting any more than possible flurries early in the morning. My Japanese Red Maples are budding. Hate to see them take a hit again this Spring.
  18. 14 for my low this morning. I'm ready for Spring to kick in and stay. Looking at the overnight ensembles, there may be another shot of cold air towards the end of the month.
  19. Ended up with about 3 inches here in Maggie. We had winds gusting to 50 mph about an hour ago that brought absolute whiteout conditions. Be safe out there. Wind chills are already dangerous and will only get worse as the sun goes down!
  20. Underneath a heavy band now in Maggie. Visibility has dropped to less than a quarter mile. I wasn't expecting much if any NWFS from this storm, but surprised at the rates. Man that wind is tough. Down to 20 here at the house.
  21. Crazy images on the Webcam at Cataloochee. Winds are ripping with near whiteout conditions in heavy snow and snow blowers working hard.
  22. That band to the NW looks impressive. Seeing reports of 1 to 2 inch per hour rates in the band.
  23. Transition completed to all snow. Laying nicely now and beginning to cover the driveway.
  24. Moderate sleet/snow mix. Covered the decks and truck in less than 10 minutes.
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