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  1. Not much in Maggie proper , but the mountains are really getting white.
  2. Hey, congrats to all that got some! To those that didn't, you never know. Still time
  3. Yeah, no winds here. It'll be a Kerrigan / Harding special in the morning!
  4. Yeah. I was hoping for a ne movement without waa . We still have March. Hell, the biggest flakes I witnessed was May '92
  5. Finally starting to lay. Too bad it's after 2. The Feb 8 snow might be my biggest. Sorry, y'all if I'm weird..I have Aspergers but I love weather
  6. Oh, definitely. During inversions especially. Once it was 40 in Maggie with strong south winds. I drove 5 miles east and it was zero wind and 28 degrees. Oh, and like ice. Maggie rarely gets ice. Snow or rain
  7. Maybe I need a new thermometer. But my back deck never gets sun in winter and it's just wet. Starting to lay on the trees and cars tho.
  8. Wow, quite a few Haywood County peeps on here. 36 and very light snow
  9. I'm in Maggie. Just hoping for a couple of inches! I'll take the median of models and be happy!