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  1. Oh I know but it really does seem like something has flipped with respect to winter weather patterns and cyclogenesis.
  2. As long as its at least 8” I’d be satisfied. This winter hasn’t been eager to produce around here.
  3. Well, a cutter can go through MN if it wants to lol. I’m talking Buffalo vs Nova Scotia lol.
  4. I meant in terms of producing snow. More frequently does a whiff come back to smack us with a SECS or greater than a runner/cutter finds a colder solution.
  5. Exactly. Mid range whiffs typically produce better for our area when the time comes than mid range runners or cutters.
  6. When was the last time we had a warm solution become cold as opposed to OTS coming back toward the coast closer to showtime. Can’t think of any recent examples of the former.
  7. And then no snow afterwards.
  8. Nickels and dimes. Already better than last winter. Hope it stays that way.