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  1. More like don’t even think about it SNE.
  2. They’re at 7 ft ASL. I don’t think much that isn’t reinforced will be left standing.
  3. Glad to see we’re back to talking winter now that tropical season is out with a whimper lol.
  4. They do that to temper expectations. That way if the power comes back in three days everyone sings of their heroism. Very old trick.
  5. In rarity but not in results. Rainbows aren’t all that common either but we don’t start threads for them lol.
  6. If we could get winter storms to overproduce the way this thing wants to underproduce, hot dang!
  7. He’s never wrong! Oh wait…
  8. When we finally get one, it’s leaking weak sauce all over the place lol
  9. People less concerned about deadly pandemics than a 2nd rate rainstorm. Go figure.
  10. Well, I gotta work this weekend and I need my staff to show up. So, I’ll cave and call this a blessing.
  11. Like seriously. WTF is that?
  12. Nice hook arrrrrroooouuuund SE MA lol
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