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  1. This winter has been a tease all the time
  2. This winter is getting on my nerves. The on-again, off-again, confusion right up until the first flakes is exhausting. At least in the summer you know it’s gonna be HH&H and awful lol.
  3. I feel like just about every winter is like that. They typically have a personality and it’s typically nasty lol
  4. Yeah I guess 6 qualifies as 6-10 lol
  5. They really are getting worse. I hope someone is using their salary to look into this.
  6. Plenty of crappy ones from where I’m standing lol
  7. That’s what they get for stealing our good weather lol
  8. Still better than that horror show last year.
  9. I’ll take sleet over rain in February.
  10. Significant ice is easy to model and hard to achieve.
  11. He can have one of my inches lol
  12. Yes we’d get the coastals and very hilly area too. That was a long time ago, seems like in recent years the coast gets more direct impacts than that far inland but I certainly haven’t looked at it.