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  1. It would be nice to get a steady light rain from time to time, but enough of the 3" monsoons for a while.
  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing
  3. Mark this day as the day our drought begins.
  4. If its 108 on the 25th of September I'm going to be in a very bad mood.
  5. A great day to slow roast a 15lb Turkey in the oven. Rain falling outside " The Hobbit, an unexpected journey" on tv, and the house smells like Thanksgiving. I feast today, and the mosquitos feast tomorrow.
  6. For all the Pittsburgh Penguins fans out there
  7. #1 Fall, #2 winter, #3 spring, #4 summer. I'm not a fan of anything over 80. If at any point we have something tropical threatening the east coast I'll be back in.
  8. Sure is quiet around here. I guess that's a wrap, see you in the fall.
  9. I had Villanova beating duke in the finals. Other then that I'm good.
  10. I liked Iowa State to win a couple, but had them getting beat by Kentucky in the sweet 16. A little surprised the suckeyes beat them.
  11. I hear you man! I'm ready to get out there and do a little yard work and swat some skeeters while I'm watching the sunset with a glass of ice tea
  12. I went 20-12 in the first round, but I still have 7 of my Elite 8 teams and 12 sweet 16 teams left in the fight. I took a big gamble and went with Villanova repeating this year. Yes I have a 6 seed team beating Duke in the finals
  13. My grade was based on what I would like to see, not climo. If I crushed my climo by 10" with 1 storm in December and it didn't snow again the rest of the winter I would see it as a fail. All of the standing water around my house from the rain rarely had ice on Any snow that fell was gone the next