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  1. I think it's pretty obvious that surrounding Mets are really roasting that guy regularly. And rightfully so. Especially today.
  2. Let's not let trivial things like facts and model agreement get in the way of a good time now. His twitter handle should be @bigjoebustus . Honestly feel bad for the guy but, he brings it on himself
  3. Speaking of hype artists..... has Justus been hyping up 10 day storms and a snowy February apocalypse up that way? It would seriously be totally on brand for that guy.
  4. How many 10 day out storms have verified this year? This will be gone by thursday and, I'd be willing to bet a sizable amount of money.
  5. And it's the begining of a trend I'm sure.
  6. Everything south of 85 is out from October till march as far as I'm concerned
  7. You do realize that out of 20 members that 3..... only 3. Gave you any snow right? And of those 3..... most people would view 2 of them as throw away runs.
  8. Figures..... see y'all in the sanitarium later.... peace
  9. No, well have a good hard freeze to kill them all off ... then it will get warm
  10. Thank god! I'm tired of the models making jokes at my expense.....
  11. Don't post this stuff...... orangeburgwx will have a storm thread up within the hour....
  12. Wrong, I know damn well we ain't gonna get anything so I'd much rather be able to not freeze my ass off daily. 70 degrees keeps my power bill low. I want a snow storm but after that ..... damn this cold
  13. Surprise! The rich get richer...... but sure, go ahead and start that storm thread.
  14. Yeah you will, when it's 200 miles north next run. Or maybe even all rain....
  15. Raise your hand if you're a member of a pay weather forecasting site......
  16. Just bring on the torch..... I'd rather be able to enjoy the outdoors than constantly swing and miss down here in the SC rainforest.
  17. More rain.... I've watched this movie before I think