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  1. gearhead302

    Hurricane Michael

    Yep. It will be a TS at best in SC.
  2. gearhead302

    Hurricane Florence

    You have got to stop with the Hugo comparisons. Hugo went through the leeward islands north and then west and slammed into Charleston and rocketed west and then north. If we have learned anything from models runs, one single one shouldn't be taken as gospel.
  3. gearhead302

    Hurricane Florence

    You can't be 30 years old if you live in orangeburg and and never experienced a hurricane. You reference hugo so I assumed you lived through it. I guess not. Imagine thousands of people losing their homes and plenty losing their lives. Travel and ride out a CAT 1 if you want to experience it. Heck I want to do that at the coast but, I dont want to experience another Hugo.... sorry guy.