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  1. I may have to become a thundersnow chaser when I retire!
  2. No thundersnow with that storm where I am near OSU airport. I would remember that cuz I'm still waiting to experience thundersnow...
  3. Woke up to texts from my daughter in Athens as well. A group of them were planning on going to Timberline WV to snowboard today. They left at 5:30 am and got about an hour out before turning back. She said the GPS time estimate just kept getting longer and longer. I tried to tell her last night they wouldn't get too far. Glad they'll listen to GPS, lol btw, check out some of the traffic cams on wv511.org , entertaining.
  4. Snowing nicely near OSU airport. looks like we might get that inch of snow.
  5. I remember that April snowstorm very well too. My wife was past her due date for our first born. We lived close to where we are now near the OSU airport. I remember walking out to Bethel Road (then a two lane road for those of you familiar with Columbus) and wondering if an Ambulance would have trouble getting to us if she went into labor. There wasn't a soul on the roads. I believe it mostly melted the next day and it was 70 and sunny the day our son was born (the 20th - evidently due dates were not very accurate back then).
  6. I hope not. Just ordered a new grill and I'll be ready to fire it up soon!
  7. I bet my son a week ago that it wouldn't get below zero in March. OSU airport got down to 2 last night. Almost, but as I've told him before, almost doesn't count except in hand grenades and horseshoes...
  8. Was just out in some nice big catch on your tongue flakes. March flakes are the best ☺
  9. Thanks IWXwx, I guess that makes sense. It just has a very similar feel to last weekend's warning storm. I guess it is more drawn out and warmer though.
  10. Not sure why Franklin County isn't under a warning. It seems we will be solidly within the criteria with what's already fallen and the look of the radar.
  11. haha, let's face it, we hear 8 and think maybe 10 isn't out of the question.
  12. Just over 4" here on nw side of Columbus. Really fine flakes now before the dry slot gets here
  13. Okay, that's the second mention of possible thundersnow . I'm starting to get excited...
  14. I'm pretty sure Athens has also had more snow this week than I saw during my entire 4 years there!
  15. The timing of this inch or so of snow had a huge impact on Columbus traffic! Salt doesn't seem to be working in these temperatures. Every road I was on was clogged this morning. Definition of a nuisance snowfall...