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  1. No end in sight for 90s+ starting tomorrow unless something changes and it also looks pretty dry too. We do heat very well in summer now that the climate change continues to accelerate.
  2. Essentially a 2 week heatwave with temps above 90 if the weather forecast verifies
  3. I woke up and stepped outside on my front porch and this huge lightning bolt shoots across the sky. Nice surprise
  4. The 6-10 day period looks somewhat wetter than normal in the SE and Mid-Atlantic so maybe increased storm chances along with heat. After that though the 8-14 day looks drier.
  5. Must be the subsidence on the southwest side of the ULL.
  6. Another day of 7000+ j/kg of CAPE in the great plains right now. To add to that, new cells are rapidly developing right in the bullseye of that CAPE.
  7. 88/66F Edit: Looks like it'll be 89 for the high, just shy of 90.
  8. If the 06z GFS verifies for the July 9th - July 15th period, get ready for some very hot days and hot nights in the upper 70s inland and low 80s along the Chesapeake bay. Probably won't verify that hot though, but it's a fun run to look at for heat lovers.
  9. Insane CAPE values of over 6000 J/kg over western Nebraska and causing an absolute light show in western North Dakota right now.
  10. My station is elevated off the ground in the middle of a grass yard. Isn't yours @C.A.P.E. right next to the woods? There are hardly any trees for about a mile and a half each direction here.
  11. Downsloping off the roof of my house.
  12. upper 60s highs on Christmas can't come soon enough