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  1. @hazwoper, the official joint NHC/CPC tropical outlook for the upcoming season will be out next week. I don't know what it will say yet - plus I'm not allowed to reveal it anyway, until it's publicly launched - but in general, early season activity is in the relatively warm waters of the Gulf (right where the GFS and not Euro are indicating for next week, like @bdgwx and @Chicago Storm alluded to). Then by mid July onward, the activity can be anywhere in the tropics as the classic African-waves-into-the-Atlantic storms start to ramp up. In short, early and late season storms usually involve the Gulf.
  2. Not a problem, @WxWatcher007 ! Same area; same topic. That's the point actually is it's heating up in general down there.
  3. At least it's backing off the doomsday scenario for late next week. Plus, this current disturbance doesn't have much opportunity to become anything too strong (just some heavy rain in Fla./Southeast U.S.). Perhaps we've bought ourselves some additional downtime before the tropical season officially starts!
  4. Yep the GFS is still holding onto it quite strong today. It's still in the dreamland period, but I don't like the persistence of this trend.
  5. Models (especially GFS) seem to be trying to develop something in the Gulf or near FL mid/late month. I really hope this is just noise. No one wants the Atlantic/Gulf tropical season to start so soon. E-Pacific is already getting active.
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