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  1. Hi guys, South Carolina here more presumably the Upstate between Charlotte and Atlanta. Do you care if I stay for a bit. I'm always learning and its a little more exciting in this group.
  2. Now you have a snow weenie to take his place
  3. What do they use for their data to back this claim? balloons?
  4. Have you or others started looking at seasonal models yet? CSFv2 ect...
  5. What sucks most is that there is no where in the United States that has normal temps through December. per CPC
  6. I Agree it needs to be suppressed a bit further south for us in the Upstate
  7. Nice hit for North Carolina, Not so much for South. Really like the STJ energy on this run. Would like to see higher QPF not sure on trends yet
  8. on the less confident train of the FV3. NCAR is partnering with IBM on the new model to replace deep thunder/blunder.
  9. I agree the models has been doing horrible with this pattern change. The data changes more frequently with abnormal patterns
  10. I still have hope for you guys on the same system. the Cold air is very potent in what's been modeled so far today.
  11. With the FV3, Euro and CNC all indicated a storm during this time frame. Its perfect for us in the western Carolinas. With the notorious NW trend these areas are already below540 on h5 maps. It will be interesting to see what the 0z Euro spits out with the temps. Just need the GEFS to come on bored then I think I start losing sleep. What about you guys?