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  1. There will be some loss, but wildlife are much more resilient than you might think. Think fire ant rafts.
  2. You need to think of this as a miles-wide EF3 tornado, with the addition of storm surge, and the addition of multiple and sundry vortexes springing up here and there of even higher intensity.
  3. The damage I'm seeing around Mexico Beach reminds me most of Camille, like a giant tornado. ETA: With a relatively short-lived (and very powerful) surge, and major damage for miles inland.
  4. The best part about the video, is that the wind was blowing from behind him. He was leaning in the wrong direction.
  5. Right now, the area around Myrtle Beach has below-normal water levels since the offshore flow from the southern half of the storm blowed it all out to sea. In fact, Florence has blown the sea out to sea in Myrtle Beach. The ocean at MB has pulled back from the beach, and the ocean is flat as a pancake as far as the eye can see, as this cam link that Macdaddy posted shows: When the eye passes, it'll not only get the north-side surge, but it'll also get the slosh as the normal coastal waters return to their normal levels. I wonder how much that will contribute to the surge? eta:spelling
  6. 'We are coming to get you:' 150 needing rescue after getting trapped on roofs, in attics in New Bern
  7. Live reports show the offshore wind at MYR has the ocean pushed way back (extra wide beach) with no significant waves due to the offshore wind flow. The ocean is about as calm as can be. When the center of circulation gets south of MYR, it'll get a 'extra' surge.
  8. Most likely the sandbags are there just to keep normal tides away (notice the surf is already up to the sandbags), not specifically for Flo. And no, not effective for a direct hit. ETA: NC people familiar with the coast know that North Topsail will be the first place to go.
  9. The storm surge will be epic, short, but local. The flooding will be epic, long, and regional.
  10. I believe -999 is a missing value, so probably no more gauge (or no working gauge)
  11. I tend to believe it. If you look at the gauges on the east of the island, you'll see the peak flood already starting to recede. That's what you'd expect with steep terrain. Note that the streams on the west are still on the way up.
  12. I can't imagine how much rain they got to get such a sharp rise.
  13. The satellite animation (drop down) on that page is even more amazing. The eye goes from non-existant to pinhole in the course of a few frames.
  14. Cuba will get clobbered, but much of the area where the eyewall is circulating is lightly populated, an the gov't is petty good about getting people out and helping people afterwards (a good social network). Barbuda was just gone.
  15. Looking at the NWS Doppler Radar, zooming in on Cuba, the eye is 100% over water right now (swamp == water).