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  1. Heaviest is supposed to be later but I wouldn’t mind if a forecast of rain busted for once.
  2. A few minutes ago, News 12 New Jersey said there is heavy damage in the area of Lenape Valley High School.
  3. Relentless lightning in Essex/Passaic counties. Rain getting heavier in spurts now also.
  4. I remember that one well. I was in Hartford for work the week of that heat wave and even up there it was brutal. A hotel worker was handing out water bottles while we waited for our shuttle bus that took us to the office complex for our meetings.
  5. Happy to hear this. I'm going to the Mets game on Monday night. Nice to know I won't be freezing out there, lol.
  6. Hopefully the mets don't sound the alarm too loudly about the weekend being a washout, especially Monday. I talked to the person who usually hosts the Memorial Day barbecue I attend and he's already thinking about cancelling. It would be a shame if people's plans were disrupted for no reason. The shore businesses would like to get off to a nice start also.
  7. The Friday of Memorial Day weekend in 2013 was pretty awful. I think the high was about 45 degrees and there was a steady rain all day.