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  1. Wrapping up here in Chadds Ford, PA. The total snowfall since yesterday morning was 5.7 inches.
  2. Measured a new 1.7 inches since 12:30 AM in Chadds Ford. Storm total of a little over 4 inches, including the 1.2 Friday morning.
  3. For official storm totals, should I add what I received Friday morning? I had 1.2 inches. If so, my storm total so far is 2.6 in Chadds Ford, PA.
  4. Chadds Ford Township is the same exact way.
  5. Heavy snow in Chadds Ford, PA. Accumulating on every surface except the driveway.
  6. How much did you get over in Concord Twp?
  7. I measured 5.3 inches on my snow board, after clearing the board every few hours. The snow pack has compressed to 3-4 in. Chadds Ford Twp. Delaware County. I had a sleet pile of 16 inches on my driveway from the sleet bouncing off the roof.
  8. Snow and sleet here in Chadds Ford, PA
  9. Got an additional 1.7 inches last night bringing my storm total to 7.6 inches in Chadds Ford Township, just north of the Northern tip of DE.
  10. Any of these storms are far better than last year. We have to be grateful. We will most likely have an above average winter now.
  11. Strange.....I noticed that the temperatures have actually risen over the past few hours. It was much colder when it was sleeting here. What is causing that? Chadds Ford, PA.
  12. Where in Northern DE do you live? I live one mile south of Route 1, in Chadds Ford Township, Delaware County (one mile south of the Chadds Ford Township Bldg.)
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