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  1. Sadly, I must go to sleep. I hope everyone who is staying up for this enjoys it!! And thanks again for all the info. I really appreciate it. If it gets crazy here, I will be up to watch it later.
  2. Stupid question, sorry! NWS says the low will be 49 degrees. But the temperature is rising? Is the low temp expected to occur after the front passes?
  3. I don't understand much of what meteorology has to offer, I will be the first to admit!! So, is this line of storms - very far away from RI - where the big winds might be (once it gets here), or might there be big winds in advance of this front? If it matters, the winds here are picking up, and they have dropped lower (not so much in the trees always at this point).
  4. Winds roaring overhead - tops of trees. Very breezy at ground level, but I can hear that there is much more above in the trees. Northern Lincoln RI (close to N Smithfield, Cumberland & Woonsocket).
  5. Breezy again here. It seems to get intense, then calm down.
  6. I can't see well enough outside - not sure what that sound was. But it is now howling here.
  7. After my last post, it calmed back down to "breezy". But it is getting frisky here again. I just heard a sound that I can't indentify. I'm going to check around the house.
  8. Wind picking up here (Lincoln/Smithfield RI). Before I would have said "breezy". Now it is more intense. No anemometer, sadly.
  9. It's still pretty calm here around Lincoln/Smithfield RI (sorry, I'm right on the line).
  10. Thank you @OceanStWx! Do you know of a radar option for my location that is free?
  11. I have the most stupid question. NWS Taunton/Norton MA radar is out. Can I find a radar that is operational for this area?
  12. Nope. Just a whole bunch of rain and some distant lightning. Wind was only on the tops of tall trees.