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  1. Breezy again here. It seems to get intense, then calm down.
  2. I can't see well enough outside - not sure what that sound was. But it is now howling here.
  3. After my last post, it calmed back down to "breezy". But it is getting frisky here again. I just heard a sound that I can't indentify. I'm going to check around the house.
  4. Wind picking up here (Lincoln/Smithfield RI). Before I would have said "breezy". Now it is more intense. No anemometer, sadly.
  5. It's still pretty calm here around Lincoln/Smithfield RI (sorry, I'm right on the line).
  6. Thank you @OceanStWx! Do you know of a radar option for my location that is free?
  7. I have the most stupid question. NWS Taunton/Norton MA radar is out. Can I find a radar that is operational for this area?
  8. Nope. Just a whole bunch of rain and some distant lightning. Wind was only on the tops of tall trees.
  9. Cumberland/Lincoln/Smithfield area. I've been waiting all day for something. Maybe, just maybe, now? One close lightning so far. Severe t-storm warning. I'm hopeful. Perhaps some goodies tonight?
  10. Any hope for thunder around Cumberland RI? lol
  11. So are the "fireworks" done for SNE tonight? Or could that stuff in NJ/PA hold together to get into SNE?
  12. Still quite muggy here (around Cumberland RI). It feels much, much warmer than it is.
  13. Going on round two here (Smithfied/Lincoln/Cumberland RI area). After round one (which, as always, pepped up as it moved east of us) the air was nice and cool. I thought it was over, went inside. Round one seemed to be more cloud-to-cloud. Then more thunder, so I went outside to check it out. It was completely hot and muggy again. Round two sounds more like cloud to ground. So we've been seeing lightning (flashes, not bolts) and listening to thunder for well over an hour now.
  14. Some precipitation - it was a thunderstorm before it got to me - just passed by to my North. I'm curious if anyone can explain to me (a) why this developed and (b) why it was not forecast? I love thunderstorms and have tried to pay attention to when they form over the years. To me, the air seems "ripe" for a storm, but my more recent knowledge says that those two variables are not all it takes for a storm to form. Can high heat and humidity create instability? Can anyone help me understand why I am seeing things pop on radar now? I'm east-southeast of Attleboro, MA.