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  1. 12z Ukie is suppressed. Through 7 am Monday morning precip is mostly confined to NC, TN, KY, and extreme southern VA.
  2. It says it was initialized 12z on Dec 3... yesterday.
  3. Lock it in please. I’ll be back in DC next weekend through Monday. Just moved away last April, but in the 7 years I lived there, I only had one good nor’easter (my birthday weekend, Jan 2016). I deserve more than that. So lock it in please.
  4. Rather underwhelming so far here in Uptown, Chicago. It’s now 10 pm and while I can see the snow falling under the street lights outside my windows, for the most part it’s falling like rain. Doesn’t look even remotely close to accumulating yet.
  5. Rain now mixing with snow in Uptown in Chicago (2 blocks from Foster & Lake Shore Drive). Certainly no accumulation yet, but the timing of the changeover to mixed precip lines up with the anticipated timeframe. Now we’ll see if it’s over to all snow around 9 pm.
  6. I’d be cautious looking at those 10:1 maps. Can’t see a scario where it approaches that ratio, at least for areas along the southern fringe of the main precip axis. The low levels are marginal. Granted heavy enough precip could cool the column sufficiently, but 10:1 would take a lot of luck.
  7. I assume LWX anticipating only minor impacts to the afternoon rush, perhaps because of the potential decrease in precip intensity? Otherwise they’d presumably issue winter weather advisories given the guidance showing temperature profiles supportive of mixed precip for this afternoon/evening for the DC and Baltimore metros.
  8. Low isn't quite as tucked as the 00z RGEM & ICON, or the 12z Euro, but workable. Looks like it has 0.3 QPF at DCA between 06z & 12z with temps probably just cold enough for snow. Would be good if DC can manage a couple inches on the ground before too much daylight. Then 0.23 QPF from 12z - 18z and 0.07 QPF from 18z - 00z.
  9. Near 60 & sunny here in DC today. I walked nearly 13 miles today enjoying the springtime warmth. Amazing to think in less than 24 hours we could have a fair amount of sleet.
  10. 00z RGEM meteogram seems to indicate the 2nd wave could produce a nice period of snow on Wednesday after a lull in precip later Tuesday into the overnight hours. Prior to that, mostly rain with some mix.
  11. Good QPF from the Ukie, nearing 1.2". Based on the Meteogram up through 72 hours, the surface up through 850 mb hovers near or a little above freezing in DC on Tuesday, which accounts for about half of that qpf. But it appears the column cools enough by Tuesday evening and into Wednesday for the remaining projected QPF to be all snow (still could be mostly snow on Tuesday, but Tuesday night into Wednesday could be the most promising period if the secondary low behaves as the Ukie suggests).
  12. Keep in mind the ICON depicts much of this snow accumulation to occur during daylight hours on Tuesday with marginal temps along the I-95 corridor. Granted it does show some steady precip during that time period which could overcome the marginal surface temps & daylight hours, but it's overall depiction of the snowfall accumulation is likely overdone unless it's really coming down at a good clip.
  13. Yeah Killington is pretty good. I enjoyed my trip there 2 winters ago, even though it was a little more icy than powdery when I was there. Seems like they're doing quite well with snow, so presumably it will be a great place to visit the remainder of the month.
  14. Too bad. I was hoping for one last nor'easter before I leave the East Coast and move to Chicago this spring. Of course I'm likely to get more snow there each winter, but I'll miss the fun of nor'easters.
  15. A great run and I'd love it if the timing stayed as is! Get the storm in here on Friday and start clean up over the weekend so I can fly off to California as planned first thing Monday morning, Jan 1!