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  1. Heavy snow in East Greenwich RI
  2. That’s an insane rate of snow!
  3. The long awaited death band! Bring it!
  4. Nothing yet in East Greenwich RI. Just waiting for the column to saturate.
  5. The Mets here at Channel10 up’s there snow totals fir Providence from 2-5 inches to 5-8 inches.
  6. What is the possibility of blizzard warning happening tomorrow?
  7. Local Mets here in Rhode Island only forecasting 2-5 inches fir the Providence area. What a big freaking fail!
  8. I’m in East Greenwich and I’m happy with the 9+ inches already. I think the nature of people is to have “snow envy” for the people who get more than we did but just be happy we got what we got. Where we are many of these storm changeover to rain during an event. I think we fared pretty well here in RI for mid December
  9. How do you get to upload your photos? It says the file is too big.
  10. Flakes just starting here in East Greenwich RI
  11. I agree! These kids have been through so much that a good ole fashioned snow day can only lift their spirits.
  12. Could the GFS win this battle? The shortwave is weak and I just don’t see this storm gaining the latitude that would benefit more of our peeps.
  13. We’d take this in a heartbeat but I think it’s overdone but it’s going to snow in mid December!! What’s not to like !