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  1. Question?? Does the strength of the hurricane have any track implications?
  2. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the NHC is very good at what they do and I trust that what they’re seeing in the guidance is accurate.
  3. NHC seems pretty certain on the recurve scenario. Well it was exciting for a short time. Next!
  4. The12z ICON and now ECMWF all give us reason to pause..this might not be a simply OTS scenario. Bermuda, New England and Atlantic Canada might have to deal with this storm.
  5. That would be a very weird angle of trajectory to go from the Outer Banks to the Great Lakes. Is this even possible? The Cat 4 strength I’m sure is way overdone.
  6. With that ridge looks like New England hit, however it is in the GFS fantasy land timeline.
  7. An absolute catastrophe in the making. The surge coming in close to high tide makes it even more devastating. I hope everyone in surge prone areas evacuated. Sending prayers to you all in the affected areas.
  8. This disaster in the making won’t just be confined to the coast I fear. Laura’s effects will be far reaching with flooding and tornado outbreaks as she moves inland and crosses the country. Be safe my friends.
  9. Line of training storms from the Atlantic into RI now
  10. Watching the radar closely
  11. Is it me or did they change the change the track of Isaias on the 11:00 advisory more westward? Looks like none of the cone covers Connecticut or Massachusetts now. The center crosses further west of NYC
  12. Sun just broke through here in East Greenwich RI
  13. I was noticing that too. Anyone else notice a more NE heading?