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  1. For us here in central RI the antecedent air mass is just too warm. I think it will be tough to get an all frozen situation here.
  2. Now this is funny! Thursday should be the day we get a better handle on things
  3. I guess there’s always some hope! Come on CCB!
  4. Yeah..this is not our storm here in RI but the season is young.
  5. In the Cowesett area of Warwick. Maybe 3 miles away from Coventry
  6. I’d be surprised if we here in RI got those totals. I am expecting a lot of rain so not sure about those snowfall totals.
  7. So early in the season, I got to go with climo. Been burnt too many times with that warm nose. Down here in RI, I never expect anything substantial in snow totals until after Christmas. But any frozen stuff I can get this early in the season... I’ll take it !
  8. So sorry for the loss of Henry. Sending my condolences to you and your family.
  9. Looks like TD10 will follow the weakness in the ridge left after Humberto. A little early to be definitive but more than likely it will happen.
  10. Has this ensemble tract shifted at all since the last one was issued?