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  1. Saw a few reports on Spotternetwork of a brief tornado near Konawa, OK
  2. Wouldn't be opposed to a thread. Sunday and Tuesday may end up being decent events.
  3. And very likely another one near Hot Springs, AR.
  4. Definite TDS near Marshall, TX.
  5. Now a 10% tornado risk for east Texas and North Louisiana.
  6. Significant tornado heading towards Lathrop, MO.
  7. Brief tornado reported near Belvue, KS.
  8. Was going to stay close to home and hope to see some linear stuff but HRRR is making me want to head south towards Iola, KS. Going to wait until early afternoon to decide for sure but starting to think today has some potential. Winds are ripping right now.
  9. Chaser reported brief tornado near Toulon, IL.
  10. I should also mention that there is now a 5% tornado risk for NE TX today.
  11. Since the threat will cover multiple sub-forums, and with potential for a robust event, figured we might as well start the thread here. For Tuesday, while NAM/SREF are stingy on daytime development, the global models all develop activity in the warm sector to some degree. The extent of the warm sector is quite impressive; anywhere from NE TX to IL/IN could see a tornado threat if storms do develop. Wednesday looks more like an extensive line of storms with wind/some tornado risk.
  12. Had a brief blast of snow/sleet in Lawrence, KS. Melted as it hit the ground.
  13. 5% tornado probabilities for parts of NW TX and SW OK. I'd imagine some chasers will be out.
  14. NWS Houston will be out surveying this afternoon. Sounds like there were a few tornadoes from El Campo area towards the Houston metro.
  15. Possible TDS west of Sweeny, TX. Google Maps shows a big oil refinery in the area.