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  1. 5% tornado risk for SE KS and NE OK. Might head down towards Eureka, KS today to see what happens.
  2. Deep convection firing around Nate. Could even be an eye popping up, but not sure.
  3. Enhanced risk tomorrow for SW KS into the OK panhandle.
  4. 5% tornado probs for the CO/KS/NE area. Pretty nice setup for this time of year.
  5. A Cat 5 hitting anywhere is going to be devastating, but probably especially for PR. My mom and sister went there last year for a vacation, so I asked my mom if Puerto Rico is ready for a big one. She just laughed. People there are pretty poor and infrastructure already sucks. It seems from what I have seen that they are taking this pretty seriously, so we just have to hope for the best.
  6. New SPC outlook has a 10% tornado risk tonight for Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beach area.
  7. PDS Tornado warning in Broward County.
  8. Latest dropsonde into the eye records 924mb.
  9. Should note that there would probably be a decent tornado threat across the Carolinas on Monday if Irma indeed tracks through GA/SC.
  10. 909.1mb extrapolated from recon, pretty amazing
  11. Looks like AF309 is about to head out for recon.
  12. recon found 911.8 mb extrapolated, we wait for the 'sonde
  13. Really amazing news coverage from ABSTV in Antigua. Anchors really know their stuff.
  14. Looks like it's down to 927 mb on the latest dropsonde.
  15. Looks like a tornado east of Sugar Land and Stafford.