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  1. Cell in Morris County, KS has dropped a few tornadoes, including one seemingly in Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.
  2. Looks like there was a tornado (or two) in the northern Tulsa metro. Jeff P. tweeted out some damage photos.
  3. 5% tornado risk added today for NE OK and NW AR.
  4. SPC goes 10% tornado probabilities for northwest TX into west OK.
  5. Figured I'd make a thread for tomorrow, since it's starting to look pretty good, and might as well add Thursday while I'm at it. As long as crapvection doesn't mess it up too badly, I'd imagine there will be some tornadoes in west OK and parts of TX tomorrow (maybe a strong one). Any OFBs will be something to watch carefully tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Solid 70/40 tornado probs on that watch.
  7. 5% tornado risk today for east CO into NM.
  8. Tornado watch coming soon for SE TX and South LA.
  9. SPC stays Enhanced risk today with fairly large area of 5% tornado probs, but mentions could be upgraded depending on positions of boundaries, etc.
  10. SPC goes Enhanced for tomorrow from east Texas into Louisiana and Mississippi, which seems to be for tornado potential.
  11. Not in the subforum but likely a significant tornado near Junction City GA. Very deep TDS with debris at least up to 10k ft. Edit: could be wrong but looks like debris up to 20k ft.
  12. Some decent circulations in the QLCS moving through east AR right now.
  13. Lots of QLCS circulations in the line moving through the Ozarks/Ouchitas. Edit: could be a debris sig west of Plainview, AR.
  14. Possible tornado NW of Clarksville, AR. Could be a debris sig but tough to tell.
  15. 12z NAM is actually showing a fairly impressive environment for Central/South AR on Wed. MLCAPE of 3000+ with 60+ kts bulk shear and 350+ m2s2 SRH contributing to STP values of 4+. The NAM even tries to convect with discrete/semi-discrete structures. Something to watch.