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  1. I guess the question then is, can they be called thunderstorms if they dont produce lightning or thunder?
  2. Here, The heaviest showers and gustiest winds were yesterday afternoon in a feeder band.. Since then, its nothing more than a showery occasionally breezy day.> totally unremarkable.
  3. One frequently reads that the eyewall comprises a ring of intense towering thunderstorms. Is this a misnomer?
  4. Forecast to gain strength and become a Hurricane once again tonight on its final Fl. approach.
  5. At least we can see a clear eye or eye-like feature in that shot emerging from the island
  6. South of you in Parkland, adjacent to Boca. Pool floaties removed, but that's about it. Not expecting much down here, but will be monitoring closely for wobbles.
  7. Hmmmm. Can you have an ERC when there is no eyewall?
  8. Wow Truro ...Barnstable County... Truro 80 350 PM 2/07 CWOP
  9. https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/warmest-winter-in-us-history-so-far
  10. YUP. Big red flag for a progressive model to be so amped.
  11. Holy Monkey Balls.. Southern New England special. 954 on the benchmark.. If Only..