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  1. Nam goes crazy for SNE:
  2. What an insane map for April 3. Even if its tainted, still pretty insane. I was all set to get my car and winter wheels washed today to do the annual switchover to summer meats, having fully resigned myself to the fact that with the dwindling vestiges of snow banks on the wane, its time... But then I woke up and peered at the BOX long range discussion and I almost flipped. I know snow maps are snow maps, but if thats not a mid winter GFS snow/sleet map, I dont know what is. I'll probably switch over to the summer wheels today anyway, forecast not withstanding.. If there's a sure way to bring the goods, thats it!
  3. Where are all the wind freaks? Really blowing out there.
  4. NAMs already decided the matter.. . We get bupkis (except the 3k)
  5. Wow Nams!! Wonder if theyre being perspicacious, or just up to their normal 18z foolishness.. The way they sniffed out the west move on the last one, Im not so quick to dismiss.
  6. Congrats Ginx!
  7. Wow.. Regular Nam sits, spins , and deepens near or over the BM nailing eastern LI, Ct, and RI with the CCB.. Now we just need about 50 miles west and we're all in the game... Oh, yea, its got to stall like it does. Dont know if any other model has that.
  8. GEFS look pretty sweet:
  9. LOL... What makes you think it isnt?
  10. Ray, I think you did pretty well.. Didnt Litchfield county, Torrington, et. al. verify at 18+. I figure if we got a foot here, Im sure they bested us by at least 6".. Ryan had 18-24 also for that area. You might have missed by a little in west hartford county, but didnt you nail Litchfield? And didnt Danbury get to almost 18" ?
  11. What did you have for w CT?
  12. When did the west trend start in earnest.... within the final 24 hrs leading up? Leaves one asking themselves other than signaling an opportunity for an event, and a hint at its strength, whats the point in tracking storms a week or more in advance in anything but the most general of ways when the specifics arent even known until the last 24 hrs? Kudos to the mesos for latching on to this last minute change, and fi on us who chose not to believe.
  13. About 80% sleet here now... Brad Field on NBC just said one of the models is recently showing a track under Long Island paralleling it yielding a much more easterly track for the low center. Unfortunately, he didnt say which model. I cant find it... Anybody?
  14. Blizzard exerting itself here.. Heavy heavy snow moved in about 20 minutes ago being blown all around; hard to tell whats falling vs whats blowing, reducing visibility to near zero. 26 degrees with heavy snow.