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  1. Wow. the twitter footage above proves it ... Spinup! Good cal!!
  2. Reports on TWC were that those Tornadic cells moving into Broward County off the ocean were moving at an incredible 90mph forward speed with those feeder bands.
  3. 2pm. Cat 3 936
  4. Where do you see a shift west? NHC cone and track still has the 8am time stamp.
  5. 6 hour changes on the NAM are ludicrous!
  6. Does it matter that Nam init value for strength is 40mb too weak?
  7. That's the diameter of the total circulation, not the core.
  8. The forward speed gets added to the winds on the east side .. So if the storm is moving at 10 mph and the winds on the east side are at 120mph, then the effect on the surge is as if 130mph winds were impacting the surface of the water.. Of course, on the west side of the storm, the forward motion gets subtracted.
  9. Weve got one approaching Hartford County from the south west at 2:15 pm... But warrants only a statement at the moment for strong, not severe.
  10. Gorgeous shot.. Dont expect to see those 'flying saucers' much up here..
  11. just about over, and other than some heavy rain and decent thunder, thats about all she wrote on this one. Litchfield county seems to be this season's Port Arthur.
  12. Im sure youve seen this, but this was in the 6:06 severe thunderstorm warning: "Hazard... 60 mph wind gusts and penny size hail. This storm has some rotation and will be monitored closely for a possible tornado."
  13. Bishops Corner area.
  14. I know what you mean.. My friends in W Hartford told me of the hail.. I live near the border of W Hartford and Newington, and I got no hail whatsoever. So close, yet so far...
  15. Nam goes crazy for SNE: