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  1. got some snow holes showing up now on radar in central ct.. hopefully it fills in soon.
  2. WIT (weenie in training)
  3. Definitely seems like we need to decrease totals during an event more than we increase.
  4. Steady snow here now; snow growth increasing.
  5. Yup... Both NAM and GFS are showing slight eastward shift and cutting back on western side precip.. Wonder it the northern vortex coming into better sampling area is playing out in these shifts. RGEM still seems solid but have to watch the rest of the 12z models come in.
  6. And, the GFS follows suit!
  7. Well, Box just put up the following: "We will have preliminary Max forecast of 4-6 inches from NE CT and central Massachusetts to interior southeast MA, a bit less toward CT valley." I think 2-4 for the state as a whole will be ok to start, but I think they will go up.
  8. LOL... dont turn this into a political discussion.. Prudent, cautious, conservative, whatever you want to call it .. You act like Im calling it a bad first call . Im not..
  9. Considering the moisture buildup down south, the incredible jet, and the strong west trend underway, It's on the conservative side, and I think he'd tell you that. Its also probably a good first call.. Conservative is not bad!
  10. Im not saying its a bad call; Im saying its a conservative or a cautious call. There's no denying there is a strong nw trend underway, and I think those totals will be raised later.. I think its a reasonable call for now; Id also call it a cautious or conservative call. Thats not a bad thing.. ok?
  11. Not saying that.
  12. Ryan going conservative on first call.
  13. I think Ukie has been pretty solid with this; the others by and large are moving toward it.
  14. CMC and Ukie BM and inside BM for this wkend .... Love for them to expose the GFS ...
  15. Kind of a quality vs quantity option ..Although calling goofus 'quality' is a bit of a stretch.