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  1. Wow Truro ...Barnstable County... Truro 80 350 PM 2/07 CWOP
  2. https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/warmest-winter-in-us-history-so-far
  3. YUP. Big red flag for a progressive model to be so amped.
  4. Holy Monkey Balls.. Southern New England special. 954 on the benchmark.. If Only..
  5. Box's bullish afternoon AFD is belied by the 18z GFS which followed it.
  6. Transitioned over to predominantly snow now. 33/32
  7. Yes.. seems too me more than once weve had 6" of virga.
  8. From the Valley Girls: ********************STORM TOTAL SNOWFALL******************** LOCATION STORM TOTAL TIME/DATE COMMENTS SNOWFALL OF /INCHES/ MEASUREMENT CONNECTICUT ...Hartford County... 2 WNW North Granby 18.0 645 AM 12/03 Trained Spotter North Granby 16.3 715 AM 12/03 Trained Spotter Bradley AP 16.3 650 AM 12/03 Airport West Granby 15.3 941 AM 12/03 Public Canton 14.0 810 AM 12/03 Trained Spotter Simsbury 14.0 529 AM 12/03 Ham Radio Avon 12.2 753 AM 12/03 Trained Spotter West Hartford 12.0 713 AM 12/03 Public
  9. Nevertheless, a lot of towns in Hartford and Tolland counties under WWA picked up over 6" in the 12 hr overnight period.
  10. Whoa. I thought they reported 13.5. Guess they werent done.. Wow.
  11. WWAs just extended to noon for Hartford and Tolland counties in Ct... Looks like were still not done as spokes rotate around.
  12. It also nailed the north/central CT enhancement last night better than most.