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  1. Look at it this way. The best part about changing the clocks this weekend is we lose an hour of rain.
  2. They are doing a great job of running the real Mets off that page
  3. North Georgia Winter weather prediction on FB is still predicting a blizzard for March. Goes to show you anybody with a FB account can post a model and predict the weather. They have nothing to back it up. Guess the followers will figure it out eventually lol
  4. That's because all the models look like crap right now
  5. What is a good site to look at the ensembles?
  6. On second thought the NAM might have it amped up when it gets in range
  7. I don't think next weekend is going to amount to anything. Just doesn't dig far enough west for us but it could change. Maybe some upslope in the mountains but thats it.
  8. Roses are wet and violets are wet. When does it stop raining
  9. The Canadian says March is going to be a whiteout
  10. I don't know what that means but these flakes are huge lol.
  11. Well grasping at straws down here How good are the WRF models? Do they tend to over do the cold? One gives me 2 inches and another 4. I would be happy with that.