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  1. This storm proved to me that the models may actually be getting worse. Epic failure by them and METS for the most part. Never trust the models when they show snow in the south not even within 12 hours of the event.
  2. Everyone enjoy your cold rain and sleet? Now you know what it feels like to live in the Wilmington, NC area during winter. ;-)
  3. ILM gets a huge amount........................................................................................................................of ice and rain :+(
  4. I love cold rain here at the coast. We will be the envy down here come summer time. LOL. Enjoy the snow guys I will be listening to ice landing everywhere.
  5. Looks like Wilmington, NC gets shafted again. Enjoy the snow whoever gets it.
  6. ECMWF says who wants some cold rain for most people in the south. How crazy is it that the models are this far off this close in?
  7. That would be a typical storm around here lol. See the snow in central NC and western NC. We get the ice lol. I am hoping for a redux of 1973 or 1989.
  8. Well it does show some snow in my area but not much. GFS shows a lot. ECMWF shows a small amount. Odd how different the models still are.
  9. So, I am guessing we get a little more snow here this run :+)
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. I know I troll in the banter threads but I truly do enjoy the work you guys do ahead of storms.
  11. Come on everyone join the darkside of winter here in the Wilmington, NC area. Models have been hinting at that. Just need a nudge..........not trying to jinx anyone. Well nvm of course I am. 12z run will show snow for the northeast and nothing down here. Muahhahahaha.
  12. So you want cold rain to. Going to make rain angels and catch rain drops with your tongue?
  13. who is ready for some cold rain? Now all of the southeast people can see what it is like to live in the Wilmington, NC area lol
  14. Well we miss out again in this area it seems like no matter the set up. It is odd but I wish luck for everyone else outside of this 15 miles radius. lol