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  1. The path that storm takes it will most likely be an Apps runner
  2. Not sure what it is, but it's definitely doing something other than snow by the sound on the windows. That's why I'd love to see final qpf numbers. At least if they got that amount right, you could say that the amount of mid layer warmth was just missed. Miss qpf AND p-type and that's a huge bust.
  3. That is pretty much porn compared to what we have here.
  4. I'm wondering if what looks like higher precip rates for those bands is simply higher returns because of the sleet.
  5. So, I realize there were warm layers aloft, but usually high precip rates would drop the temps. Why were the deform bands for this storm more sleet? Or were what we were thinking were deform bands on radar simply higher echos because they were sleet?
  6. Lack of snow is depressing, but meteorologically it's crazy.
  7. As others have said, in this storm you do NOT want a deformation band overhead, because all it is is sleet.
  8. Not sure how much has actually fallen due to the compression of each type of precip. I'd say 3.5-4.5" of what ever. There is 1/8th of an inch of ice buildup on the side of the car. Still coming done about 1/2" of sleet per hour. Winds gusty, but not that bad. And the stuff out there is HEAVY. Shovel some if you have time, don't try to do it all at once. Makes a great "snow" ball, but would be the kind where afterward you'd have to apologize to your mom for breaking your brother's eye socket when you threw it at him. Langhorne, Bucks County.
  9. Between 8-1am was the expected "IT" hours for us here. All depends on what type of precip falls. Maybe I should go shovel more before I end up with 4" of snow on top of that clay that is out there.
  10. Just took the dogs out, and it was literally sleeting, then snowing, then raining. Though the rain might just be the snow and sleet being annihilated mid air and hitting me as plain water. And it is definitely heavy stuff. If you can, get out and shovel some now. Wow.
  11. I think I am getting every type of precipitation at the exact same time.
  12. I blame who ever started a storm thread.
  13. The way this winter has gone, I don't know if "nose" is what I would say there.
  14. Looks like heaviest precip so far coming on shore by Cape May/Delaware Bay. Too bad most of us will see it come through as rain or sleet (if we're lucky)
  15. I seriously want what the HRRR is smoking. At least models like GFS and NAM tell us their maps "include sleet".