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  1. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Have no idea how much fell for me this storm. I shoveled spots either 1/2" or 6"+. Best guess from the most common depth shoveling would have been 3-3.5", but it appears some of you west of me had more than that, so who knows. Good indication of how this storm went. Front porch steps under cover - 4" of snow. Car in driveway - clean.
  2. January 3-4 "Threat"

    That map puts Monmouth in a jackpot zone, must be right.
  3. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I think I also screwed our chances by taking down about 75% of my christmas decorations so they didn't get covered in snow. Sorry.
  4. January 3-4 "Threat"

    If these trends continue, there are going to be quite a few school districts closed because of flurries.
  5. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Sorry all, it looks like the "Lower Bucks Snow Hole Screw Zone" has expanded out to be the "SEPA Snow Hole Screw Zone".
  6. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Lower Bucks snow hole screw zone, calling it now!
  7. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Like wise, north of us, imagine the evening commute in RI and Boston if this verified.
  8. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Yeah you can see the last two runs for the 3k NAM. Shape of storm slightly different, and different methods of how we get the qpf.
  9. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I know, I'm distinguishing 12k from 3k
  10. January 3-4 "Threat"

    12k NAM definitely east this run.
  11. January 3-4 "Threat"

    But even with all that, always works out there is a screw zone (most likely from subsidence) and I'm betting money it's over my house (as usual).
  12. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Even the GFS, which hasn't exactly been the most robust westward model, has it snowing through 1pm for the entire area, S and E go a bit longer than N and W.
  13. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I think epic might be a bit over exaggeration for this. West of the river along 95 maybe 4-6" (maybe 6-8" with higher ratios). SNJ maybe 6-8" or 8-10". Western Montco only 1-2" so you can see the gradient is sharp.
  14. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I think everyone will be in virga heaven for quite a while either way with how dry the air is right now.
  15. January 3-4 "Threat"

    How much do you think that slp can tighten up and move west before shoving warmer air and precip type issues into the equation?