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  1. I can only hope we get some massive cold spell to kill those little buggers off. Only good thing about a thaw in the middle of winter is that it puts a dent in the insect population, provided the cold comes back at some point.
  2. My bad.
  3. Now everyone knows why a 3" storm got so much following and attention. Probably will be our most substantial storm of the year. Trees will probably be budding by the end of the month.
  4. Apparently the WB 18z Nam 3k crapped the technological bed and gave us 48" of snow. Now that's what I call a weenie map.
  5. Yes, but that is the last band for most of us. Already clearing over NE ext. It looks like if snow tapers off for you now as you work west to east, it won't pick back up again.
  6. Yes, there is another shade of blue between 4-6 and 2-3. The 2-3 line is right at Gladwynne/Lafayette HIll. The 3-4 goes until just below Bala Cynwyd, and the 4-6 goes from there across into jersey.
  7. About 2" of new on paved surfaces here, 5" total snow pack on grass. Means we probably had 2.5/3" fall toda Only really light snow atm. Langhorne, PA.
  8. Yeah, it looks like the precip shield is being projected better, but the actual slp further and further off carolina coast, which is opposite. One or the other will be right with this, not both. Just look at Norfolk. When we were supposed to get closer to 4", they were gonna get rain. That line has moved below the VA/NC border on live radar.
  9. I think it has more to do with the "kicker" of energy coming down from Canada. The trough and s/w changes can only help so much if something comes and punts it eastward. Any NW trends seem to have the kicker being a bit further north and slower
  10. If that HRRR precip shield even comes close to verifying I'd be surprised. Best bet you take that picture, draw a line along the mason dixon line until you get to Pa/Delaware border. Draw a straight line from there to Long island. No precip makes it north of that line (past LI it will creep north into easter MA and ME), probably not even virga or radar hallucinations even. I'd be glad to be wrong, but I think the storm tracks too far east to eat away at the dry air being locked in by that PV lobe about to kick everything out.
  11. So prophetic, this 12z run, if you look at the slide for 17z Saturday it looks like they carved out the precip for SE PA and plopped it up over Boston.
  12. Philly? Another trend like that and this misses the shore too.
  13. I thought the same thing about 06z being a bust, then remembered the snow totals are for only wave 2 at this point (unlike the combined totals we've been looking at the last 24 hours). Another additional 2 just west of the river, going to 6+ by the shore. Definitely not confident of the western edge of this, especially with how razor tight the precip shield looks to be.
  14. Well the 0z GFS says no to wave 2 for us.
  15. Our area is only half ass-ed running towards the football. Boston is in a full fledged sprint and could have a severe injury if the NAM pulls a Lucy on them.