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  1. It has no way of verifying (no meteorological basis, just gut), but if it does it would of course leave me staring at 1" while others get 6-10.
  2. The euro 24 hr panels are deceiving. That 971 off Long Island comes from Canada. The 998 in Alabama gets suppressed and kicks straight east and out. Wish it was a Miller A, but it's not.
  3. Finally all snow about 6:20. Right in time fore the fgen band (I hope). Not liking that the band might be tracking on the SE side of the river, but I'll take being on the fringe of it rather than in a subsidence zone.
  4. some 50 dbz lurking in that band, wonder if some thunder will come along with it.
  5. Looks to be a heavy band coming north east just above PA/DE/NJ border. Still sleeting for me, if it hasn't fully changed by the time that gets here, I might not even clear 2" (even counting the 1/4" of sleet out there).
  6. I'm still not even over to full snow yet so the screw zone is further than DE, and I swear on radar the r/s line looks like it is actually moving back towards the river.
  7. Starting to see some wet flakes mixed in, but still mostly sleet. On P-type radar it appears r/s line is over the river into Burlington county, yet a small section of sleet is left behind by 7-10 miles... right over my house. LOL.
  8. Definitely glad I didn't stay up (or even get up specifically early). Definitely still sleet and rain here, no sign of snow yet.
  9. What a difference 12 hours makes. I'm going to bed. I stayed up for the blizzard that wasn't. Not going to do that again.
  10. Redskye, you had to say "and no pesky sharp cutoff" earlier didn't you.
  11. RGEM has now caved. Coldest and most Southern has now crept north as well. I realize live data and nowcasting is more productive at this point, but can't discount the computer processing power. I realize 4-6 still possible, but looking like 2-4 is much safer bet then 4-6.
  12. Ralph, I apologize for panic. If the possibility of anything over 6" had never been seen or it hadn't been close to 70 today I don't think I'd care. Give me 4 inches and bring on spring. Now it just feels like mother nature doing another Lucy. Some in the forum will definitely hit 6+ (Newman I'd say 6-8 should be no problem), but those of us south and east along the river are going to be quite disappointed. Ralph I wouldn't be surprised if you got double what falls in Langhorne, and that's not all that far a distance.
  13. Yeah well I got to look at something and freak out between the big boy runs.
  14. As said before I'm totally worried that the 850 temps will be slow to drop and qpf will be wasted, having to rely on a deform band with 1-2"/hr snow rates after the change over to save it. HRRR is even more worrying than the NAM. Though HRRR is often said, wait an hour it will change.
  15. Trend is not our friend