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  1. bankdawg

    Severe Weather Risk This Weekend

    considering i was asked to help out, i think it will be ok.
  2. bankdawg

    Severe Weather Risk This Weekend

    i'm about to ride to rochelle and abbeville to get pictures.
  3. bankdawg

    Severe Weather Risk This Weekend

    i'm in Pitts, ga and it is almost here.
  4. bankdawg

    Nov. 16th-17th Severe Event

    near miami, tx
  5. bankdawg

    June 2015 Observation Thread

    miserable here!
  6. bankdawg

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    Man, that's scary, glad you're ok. I got family in Hartwell i havent heard from yet, i assume they got it kinda bad too.
  7. bankdawg

    Fab February Banter

    Brady 37-50 74% vs best pass defense....so much for the: he has to have deflated balls
  8. bankdawg

    Fab February Banter

    You all interested in having a new GA poster?? Oh, and go Patriots!