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  1. I'll have what the 12Z EURO 168 hour forecast is having for SE KS and SW MO.
  2. I see the 12Z Euro has moved the higher frozen precipitation amounts mainly along and north of Highway 54 in Missouri.
  3. Do you ever mention severe weather in this thread when it's occurring during winter?
  4. A zoomed in look at NOAA's latest snow cover depth map. Notice the I-44 corridor is bare.
  5. Too bad the 12Z ECMWF has really backed off on potential snow amounts for southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.
  6. Lake effect snow is/was occurring tonight from the north in the Joplin to Springfield area originating from Stockton Lake.
  7. Radar suggested rainfall totals so far this morning. The red color suggest greater than two inches of rain.
  8. I found this article by NW AR Meteorologist Darby Bybee to interesting. Excerpt: "Yes, global warming is almost certainly playing a role here. You can't warm the earth little by little, and expect it won't have an affect on snow patterns in parts of the mid-south." https://www.4029tv.com/article/streak-of-no-snow-continues/25844448
  9. This is so disappointing. Joplin hasn't seen a really good snow since the blizzard in 2011.
  10. Monday thinking by the NWS Springfield, MO "Models are again showing a low passing south of the area with precipitation across the region on the northern side of the system. If the track holds, the confidence in this is low for now, then the Ozarks would see the potential for a rain/snow mix for the end of the week into the weekend."
  11. I love snow! And the number of days since the last Winter Storm Warning was issued by either weather office at Tulsa or Springfield keeps climbing. Sadness.
  12. I wish we could get some of this in far SW MO. I'll just watch from the sidelines.
  13. Yikes! Not that I want to see Tulsa get a bunch of sleet and/or freezing rain. But I would like to see the models being accurate. I'll be monitoring all of this from work.
  14. Radar at 9:34 PM. Some of this moving northeast up I-44 looks heavy. I see the temp at Lawton is 28°.
  15. KFOR-TV is now stating a Winter Storm Warning is in effect for portions of cenntral and southern Oklahoma.