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  1. H1N1 extended into June far beyond the "normal" decline month of Flu in the Midwest which is usually April. I feel this virus will decline in a significant way in June in the Midwest but if we leave June not much better off than we entered, forget about it we are stuck till herd immunity.
  2. Looks like I left you a message as you were typing one. None of us are perfect with our habits lol. When i was younger I drank a bit and worked in some dusty jobs which now put me at higher risk in addition to being diabetic. We can't do life over...Oh if we only could. LOL...Everyone take care of yourselves and the ones you love.
  3. Jackstraw, Sorry to hear of your loss this indeed is a terrible virus. Prayers to you and his family. There will be so much more to learn about this virus going forward. Being of older age, Obese, Diabetic, Male, Metabolic syndrome, history of smoking and smoking or environmental dust related illness, active asthma and a myriad of other factors increase the risks of getting into trouble with this virus. hydroxychloroquine has shown some positive effects and Remdesivir is showing promise although its stressed these are both early in the clinical trial process.
  4. Medical Science disagrees. Heavy drinking is a significant immunosuppressant and heavy use of marijuana has also been shown to have a mild immunosuppressant effect. I agree however it has uses in pain management though. Nobody should be putting any smoke into their lungs at this time or engaging in heavy vaping.
  5. Without going into Socioeconomic aspects and the multiple types of Healthcare systems, Covid 19 is particularly problematic for those with poorly controlled DM especially when coupled with Cardiovascular disease and or Obesity. Many diseases affect different racial/ethnicities at different rates. Prayers to all those battling on the front lines of this pandemic and everyone affected.
  6. Don't really chase anymore since taking care of a sick loved one for several years now but family reunion today, relatives from out of town visiting. Nephews from Virginia always wanted to go with me back in the day but they were too young but now college aged and were thrilled to see this tornado with their uncle. Ten mile drive to a few miles NW of Marion, IN to this one around 815pm . Thoughts and prayers to those affected by damage tonight...
  7. Love this post. You know we looked up at the sky back then! Love those days. Looks like some potential next few days, got to find those decaying outflow boundaries or WF's to focus lift and near sfc vorticity. Definitely a Now casting kind of spring. These MCS trains sort of remind me of 93, of course they extended well into July that year.
  8. Impressive! Looked fairly strong with decent vertical velocities and the best thing looked to mainly remain over likely un planted farmland? Thanks for Sharing that beauty!
  9. I agree. I think the upgrade they ran in Julyish is a fail at least for these parts.
  10. Exactly. I'm ready for a prolonged period of no locked in PV or serious torch. Could use an active pattern with some open waves for an extended period of time. We are overdue for that type of pattern
  11. Yeah never forget that, driving home to Indiana from the Carolinas for Christmas I remember the digital bank signs in various towns in Ohio ranging from -15 to -25 if memory serves. So bone chilling cold for the holidays followed by a very active svr wx season. Starting with March 13 1990 outbrk and going well into June.
  12. Have to disagree those early East jogs and pauses in deep Dixie look unnatural. They're called parameterization "schemes" for a reason, lol. Think this Nam run likely displaced by about 50-75 miles too far east. However at 72/84 out still time for larger scale energy to alter the course by decent amount anyways
  13. Oh my that brings back memories. The NOGAPS was always NO NO NO! LOL
  14. Yep pretty much par for the course these parts in early spring, well met spr 1 wk away. 50-70 miles down the road in an hour! Have to get out ahead quite a bit because you won't catch anything and hope for some discrete cells before the forcing. OT note: Hoosier thanks for the heads up in the Palm Sunday thread a while back. i don't know how I missed that either. That newly found photo from MI all I can say is wow!