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  1. Just now, PhineasC said:

    I have the feeling you are one of those guys full of energy at 6:00 AM who drives everyone nuts but then by 2:30 you are gassed and checked out at work.

    I hate dealing with those guys. They get to work at 6, sit around doing nothing until 9 because no one else is there or responding to emails, and then they hit lunch at 10:30 right as the rest of the team is getting rolling. Then after lunch they refuse to start anything new because they are headed home at 2:30. Rinse and repeat the next day. Yup, seen that many times.

    2nd shift?

  2. 8 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

    Isn’t that the issue though? Lol. That it’s not well.

    I personally find the switching back and forth shit irritating. Pick one or the other 

    Then stay with EST and like it, Your going to give it up on one end or the other, I don't see an issue leaving it as is.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    No reason to ever do that and lose sleep over either anger or excited. Either way you lose. Just look in morning and get 7-9 hours solid sleep 

    I don't get up and run at 4 am, I get 7 hrs sleep after the Euro comes out at 12:45, I have bankers hours, No need for it to go to 1:45 am..............:)

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