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  1. 1 minute ago, IrishRob17 said:

    Weenies are serious business!  I do chuckle at people getting bent over reactions people throw on to their post.  Life is short, don't take it so seriously.   

    yeah but posting the model showing the outcome you want deserves a weenie tag, not saying one particular model got drier which is just posting factual information

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  2. 32 minutes ago, winterwx21 said:

    It brings it in very early too. Mostly a friday night into early saturday morning event on the NAM. The timing for this event has really been speeding up. 0z GGEM has a good rain early saturday morning too.

    Ukie too

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  3. 2 minutes ago, MANDA said:

    If ever there was a year for the rug to constantly be pulled out from under you 2022 would be it.  Long ways to go on this.  Main question for me is does the .50" make it to south shore.  I'd have to say questionable.  12Z run looked way too wet and 18Z looks way too dry.  12Z EURO looking like a good compromise at this point.  SNJ for sure has the best chance at 1-2".

    I mean we've come to expect the gfs to do this and usually suppresses systems til the last minute. But we'll see what the other models do

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  4. 30 minutes ago, MANDA said:

    Closer in look through 12Z Wed.  EURO and GFS clearly aligned for a wetter solution for most of this forum.  It will be most welcome for the south shore LI crew if it works out.  Chances certainly have gone up for something decent over the last 12 hours.


    The rain comes in 2 waves on euro..sun morning and again Tuesday 

  5. 31 minutes ago, winterwx21 said:

    Yeah it's just hitting here now. Starting to pour again and just had a very close lightning strike. My DirecTV just went out again too. Annoying that it's messing up me watching the football game, but I'm glad we're getting the rain. Another very small storm, so it'll pour for only a few minutes again but it's very intense.

    Round #3 incoming in a few though it could miss to the north

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