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  1. That's pretty funny I did too until I met you back a few years ago at nashua CWSU lol. I haven't been on this forum much in the last few years, hope things are well with you man. -Ryan
  2. Picked up at some point, there's another 1.5" or so out there. Storm total somewhere between 5" and 6". Inching our way to a respectable total.
  3. Ground truth is still just very light snow here in Queensbury right now. Looks nice on radar, I'd be curious if its different in other areas.
  4. Crazy. About 60 miles NNE in Queensbury there's been about 12" (8.5" last event, 3.5" today)
  5. Mitch getting killed in S Vt (Heartwellville) per Twitter. 26" total, 18 past 3 hours.
  6. Bit of a bust out here in the southern Adirondacks. Nearing 3" in Queensbury, NY with precip just about shutoff already. ALY had us in 10-18" yesterday. Enjoy the rest of the storm in SNE!
  7. Under 3" total in Queensbury. Major bust from ALY 10-18" warning and 13" most likely from yesterday.
  8. Approaching 4.5" of paste in Queensbury. Didn't expect more then 3-4 here total, but it's nowhere near done yet.
  9. Almost 2" already in Queensbury. Only been snowing since about 1:30
  10. Yeah its not happening. About 4.4" here and some pinging in Ogunquit near Wells line.
  11. Rates picking up here in Ogunquit as well. 3/4" last hour. 3.75" storm total
  12. Just 3.0" here as the steady 1"/hour continues here in Ogunquit. Rates aren't anything too crazy. Wonder how long we hang on to all snow. 26F
  13. 2.0" total in Ogunquit Maine, 1.0" last hour. 25.0F A continuous, steady 1"/hour.
  14. Ogunquit Maine, 24F. Started at 11:45, 1.0" so far. Been a while since I've been on here, hope everyone is doing well! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  15. I wouldn't care much about GFS surface temps when the dynamics are there to snow heavy with .2" QPF/ hour.
  16. Ogunquit beach up to 38F. All rain now. We'll see what happens later
  17. Last 10 minutes driving around: Switched to all rain on beach in Ogunquit. Mix along route 1 about 1 mile from beach. All snow at my parents house near I95 2 miles from beach. Seems to be mixing here now though.
  18. All rain about 2 miles south of York/Ogunquit Maine border right on the beach. Back in Ogunquit now and still 100% snow.
  19. How long do you expect it to continue to be snow on the beach of Ogunquit?
  20. Hey guys, been a while. Sitting right next to the beach in Ogunquit, ME. Still all snow, snowing at a decent clip. 30.0F Looks like 34-36 just a bit south in york.
  21. Join the club. In NOLA we finished 2nd and 3rd. So far in Aberdeen, 534th and 358th.