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  1. Pensacola is home for me! It snowed 3 times there this winter lmao.
  2. Some nice, steady snow here in Urbana... plows just went through the neighborhood about 15 min ago and they are already covered again. I just got home from work (slow night in the ER thank goodness) gonna take a nap and wake up to a few more inches hopefully!!
  3. Big flakes here in Urbana for the last 15min. Kids are walking home from school in it haha. They love it.
  4. When I lived in Ohio for a bit they had levels and after a certain level you weren't aloud out to drive... was not sure if anything happens like that here.
  5. So as far as closing for businesses and such.. does a WSW put any specific actions in place for those types of things?
  6. My husband works in Gaithersburg... I have to go to work tonight. I'm an ER nurse at Shady Grove and I am expected to be there no matter what, especially during these situations.
  7. WSW now in effect for Frederick county, MD
  8. I also walked mine in heavy sleet mixed with massive snow flakes! They loved it lol
  9. Still sleet here but HUGE flakes are mixing in more and more... I'm so freaking giddy. This is what this Florida girl has been waiting for!! Everything is sticking! The treatment for the roads looks to have washed off because its sticking there too! Wish me luck as I walk the kids to school since they never canceled... lmao
  10. 34 with heavy sleet and some flakes mixed in here!
  11. Some rain and sleet here in Urbana since 630am
  12. So, as far as timing... my weather channel app says mixed precipitation starting around 6am... guess they are gonna wait to cancel school until then? They canceled for way less this year lol. I haven't heard or seen any delays or cancellations.
  13. Thank you! We moved from Florida in October here and we have been so disappointed. I keep telling my husband this is it and he laughs and says he will believe it when he sees it!
  14. Is 6" a good estimate for what Frederick county, MD will get? I've tried to follow and it seems all over the place lol. So, we should see sleet first also with some ice accumulation followed by snow for the second event correct?
  15. so I am at work at a hospital in Montgomery county. I work in the ER. We went dark for about 10 seconds... we were already on generators. Back up generators came in but half of the hospital is without power... we are going in mini disaster meaning we can't take any EMS and it's a full moon... lord just get me through the night.