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SSD Tropical Floaters and AVN IR

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NOAA's older Satellite Products and Services Division (SSD) NESDIS website is being phased out perhaps? This includes their Tropical Floaters page. At any rate, they have a new site here for GOES 16 products. Granted, I use a lot of different satellite products from a plethora of sites. Obviously, the newer high resolution products have much better bands, micrometer enhancements and filters.


WITH THAT BEING SAID, I am bummed the old Tropical Floaters page is no longer supported for the numero uno reason that I miss my bloody NHC Aviation Color Enhancement for IR imagery. I cannot seem to find any other products or site that replicates this exact color spread for GOES-16. Though, again, I use all the new stuff, the spread of AVN is what my mind has recognized for 20 years of meticulous observing of cloudtop characteristics. I always want to compare and contrast in it for historical imagery and realtime changes. Everything else just feels off.


Have I overlooked a site? If not, does anyone have any suggestions? At this time, SSD still has products up for HIMAWARI satellite imagery over the Eastern hemisphere at least. I suppose I could annoy NESDIS until they add classic AVN as a filter on the new site to go along with all those new enhancements.


For anyone lost on what I am referring to, this is the classic Aviation Color Enhancement for coldness of cloudtops that was available through NHC/SSD since the 90s. Yes, I realize there are "cleaner" enhancements for micrometer bands now but this is still too important not to have available simply due to historical comparisons:66e1b793f29fab5b6d667baf11c20ad4.gif

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Agree with every word of this post.  It is like you found my letters and read each one out loud.

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