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Clouds - 2018


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  • 4 weeks later...

Made it out to the pond for the sunset this evening. Got lucky that the retreating system hung on just long enough to give me some clouds to shoot. The bad news is that the breeze was up so no reflections stuff. The good news just running a straight lens without any filters allowed me to be spot on with the color.

Started off at sunset with the clouds still white overhead..



The start of the orange overhead...



The red was not quite as intense as I hoped. It was all kind of subtle...



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  • 3 weeks later...

Made it out to the pond for the sunset this evening.


What I started with as the post sunset began...



As you can see, the breeze was up and I was not sure if the color would progress anymore.

Luckily, the color did at least try and with the coming darkness the breeze did calm down a bit. So I was able to try some reflection images.

Here was the best contrast...



And here was the best color. I can not figure out which of the two I like better...


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There is a storm a-brewing. As I was driving home from work the Sun/clouds were throwing out sun-dogs. So I headed out to the pond just in case.


When I got there, there was only this little tiny sun-dog on the left side of the Sun...



As the sunset cruised along, I was surprised at just how interesting the sky got...



It did not last long and all the color left really quick. So here is the last dregs...


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After a full day of the perfect amount and type of clouds overhead that would make a great sunset, well everything evaporated as the evening progressed. But I still went out to the pond to record the color on the horizon, just for posterity sake.


Looking north north east...



Looking north west...



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And now for something completely different. A sunrise!

I have to guess and hope that a sunrise might be decent but I got lucky this morning.

With everything backward, start off with the red flash...



A little more magnification as it heads towards orange...



The actual sunrise...


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The Gilbert Sebenste Sunset. Compared to the rest of the week, it was amazing. But it was more-or-less a rather blasé affair.


First contact with the 24-70 @70mm. and a single image...



Second contact with the 16-35 @21mm and a six image average...



Post sunset with the 16-35 @24mm and a single image...


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This is a good thread. Clouds are so different now. I remember large cumulonimbus in the 1990s here in Maryland. Even on Sunny Sunday's it was a sky full of fluffy cumulus 80% of the time. Now it's these wispy clouds, saturated raindroplets. Someone said the earth has more water/ice now, but I think there is less rainfall. 

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Around sunset this evening...



This poor image has so many troubles. Fish popping the surface in the lower left. Geese and ducks swimming off the edge of the lower right. And purple martins in addition to starlings flying all over making a hash of things. But the color was so good, I tried to make it look as good as I could.



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Start of the post sunset color with the 100mm this evening...



The red flash with the 24-70mm. This poor lens goes overboard with red...



With the 24-70mm again. A little extra red works when there is just a little of that color in the sky...


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15 hours ago, AfewUniversesBelowNormal said:

It seems like the clouds where you are, are 20 years in the future or something. I've always had this feeling about Detroit area. 

Actually your sunset was at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. While my sunset was at 8:42 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. So there is almost three quarters of an hour of time difference between you and I.

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