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Clouds - 2017

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Another fun night at the pond.


What I started with...



The red flash was peeking around a couple of corners/edges...



When the way high clouds turned reddish...


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Both ends of the sunset this evening.


It was not gold pre-sunset, nor bronze. I do not know what this color is...



At the other end of the sunset there was some very distant cloud shadow stuff going on...


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Not much in the way of clouds for this evening. But just enough to make it worth the effort.


Started off with a rather vivid sundog...



The beginning of the post sunset...



The ending of the post sunset...


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Might this be the last 80+ degree sunset for the year? If so it was a semi-decent one.


Here is the pre-sunset with some wind-blown white clouds...



Here is the orange during the post-sunset...



Here is the sort of red, during the post sunset...



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This is not going to happen much longer. I can just barely get off of work, drive home, grab the camera and make it out to the pond in time for sunset now. Oh well, it has been a good run this year.


Tonight was a perfect night as far as clouds go. Some high cirrus was riding around the top of the ridge and stay persistent enough through the sunset. 


What I started with when I got to the pond, at local sunset...



When the orange started, I zoomed into it to show the detail better...



An overview of the orange flash...



And ending the evening with the red flash...


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Tonight was a semi-decent sunset. No flashy uber color but a nice design of clouds.


An overview of the cloud status when I got out to the pond...



Zoomed in a bit for the best of the color, what little there was...




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Was kind of surprised this evening. I expected 100% overcast with the on-coming rain.  But the rain is still far enough west to give me a some-what decent sunset to photograph again.


The yellowish/orange of post sunset...



The red flash was rather selective and kind of broad...



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Today may have been the last sunset for the year for me. Work time constraints from here till the end of the year will limit my ability to get out for few, if any, sunsets going forward. I got lucky this evening. Was 100% stratus fest all day till between 4:30 and 5:00 when the low cloud deck retreated off to the north. So I hope you enjoy this last installment of evening color and design and thanks for taking time to look at all the sunsets from the whole year.


Start of the orange, post sunset...



End of the orange...



The red flash...


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I guess I lied. Work cancelled some overtime and I was able to get out for tonight's sunset.


Looking northwest pre-sunset...



Looking northwest at sunset...



Post sunset looking southwest...



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