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  1. Jonbo

    Cyclones from 4/10-4/13

    18z Nam Nest updraft helicity swath is bonkers Edit: PDS Tor still showing on this run
  2. Jonbo

    April 10-12 Winter Storm

    Are you ok NAM ?
  3. Levee failures south of Omaha ongoing, mandatory evacs by 5pm today. Still rising around Omaha...I'm extremely concerned about the levees around Omaha/Council Bluffs with police patrolling to keep people off them now. New picture of formerly Spencer Dam...
  4. Jonbo

    Spring 2019 Flooding Thread

    That's all there is left of the Spencer Dam in north-central Nebraska. There's gonna be a big lawsuit over this coming. Someone in 2010 recorded it leaking badly and talked about maintenance being deferred. https://youtu.be/VRP3gFtjem8
  5. Jonbo

    Spring 2019 Flooding Thread

  6. Jonbo

    Spring 2019 Flooding Thread

    It's been awful watching my hometown area have all this unprecedented flooding unfold so fast.
  7. Valley, NE being evacuated. Basically anyone living near I-29 and Missouri River south of Omaha being told to evacuate, levees topping. Dam that failed running unchecked into Missouri River north of Omaha along with the gavins point dam increases coming.
  8. ****. Just south of Omaha and Council Bluffs. Missouri River breaking records Edit: NWS confirms levees on both sides of the Missouri River by Plattsmouth are being overtopped. Gavins point dam increase still on the way as far as I know....
  9. Thanks man. I hope the levees hold up in Council Bluffs, that's my biggest worry right now (hometown and half my family and most friends live there) since it could put most of the town underwater if one or more burst. I'm not confident they've strengthened them properly after the 2011 floods. Insane video of boulders of ice all over the road. Unsure exactly where in Nebraska https://www.facebook.com/osborneearthmoving/videos/2267573233292880/
  10. Flash flood emergency for Platte River due to a major ice jam breaking up, Fremont, Ashland and other cities along it being told to evacuate ASAP. 4-5 foot wall of water. Missouri River going to be near record crest by tomorrow near Omaha. I-29 and 680 closed in/north of Council Bluffs. Bridge likely gone near the Spencer dam and some reports the dam is gone too. Feel so bad for friends and family over there.
  11. https://www.nonpareilonline.com/news/weather/weather-updates-river-flood-warning-issued-water-and-mud-cause/article_e48531ac-45c3-11e9-b3bd-0fdc8938d0ef.html Flooding in Nebraska and Iowa, especially Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, is devastating and it's only going to get worse with gavins point dam going up at least 20,000 cfs by tomorrow for the Missouri River. Interstate 680 shutdown. Friends just outside Logan, IA are basically landlocked. Missouri Valley (town) evacuated and more.
  12. Jonbo

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Confirmed https://twitter.com/NWSDesMoines/status/1099555523010195462?s=09
  13. Jonbo

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Haven't experienced a blizzard like this since the December 2009 one in Des Moines.
  14. Jonbo

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Supposedly reports of 5+ inches already where I'm at. It started snowing about 3 hours ago...
  15. Jonbo

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Decided to come to Omaha area for this. Classic blizzard going on, barely see more than half a block