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  1. Jonbo

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    Report finalized and no major changes to the preliminary ratings. Rotation that went right over my place before touchdown confirmed EF0. I'm ok with that
  2. Yikes. Spotter confirmed 80mph gusts and baseballs.
  3. 2" hail and 70mph gusts (nws estimate) bearing head on for Oshkosh, NE edit: New warning 3" hail and 70mph gusts. Very dangerous storm wording added. That cell is going insane edit2: Now 80mph gusts and baseball size hail. Lordy
  4. Jonbo

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    Still preliminary but should be updated sometime soon here. https://www.weather.gov/dmx/20180719_Tornadoes Appears my video of the rotation going overhead was moments before the report ENE of Ankeny, forwarded it to DMX. Didn't think it was going to drop that quickly or I would've followed it sooner. Pella got extremely lucky, EF2-3 damage would've been over practically all of town if it the track was only 1-2 miles back to the west.
  5. Jonbo

    July 19-20 Severe Weather

    I noticed this while initially chasing it. When it was by Bondurant, I had to detour and saw a lot of areas rotating looking north on the backside. Wonder if my phone caught them. Nerve wracking day for me regardless. Rotation on the Bondurant storm blew up literally over my place (video here) Absurd video someone took from the same road my dad uses to get to work. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=734468023559973&id=100009903462169 My video of the other Bondurant tornado hitting a farm. Further back from the much closer one posted. https://mobile.twitter.com/JonBothe/status/1020042249336500226 Edit: Marshalltown and Pella tornadoes rated preliminary EF3, Bondurant low EF2 but mostly EF0-1.
  6. Thanks. I was considering following it but headache combined with adrenaline rush was too much to do more than the Bondurant one. My dad was still at work in Marshalltown when it hit. Barely grazed work but he was on the edge and heard the freight train.
  7. Preliminary low EF2 on the second Bondurant tornado (the one that clipped town). Preliminary EF3 on the Marshalltown and Pella tornadoes.
  8. I think this was a case of models and obs showed some uncertainty until the last minute. Thankfully NWS DMX stayed on top of things when it rapidly escalated... I certainly wasn't prepared to chase with 2% probs until it was a mile east of home.
  9. Saw one of them, picture from video capture. Even managed to capture it on video about 15 minutes prior when it was rotating high up pretty strong over my place.
  10. Crazy day in Iowa with multiple tornadoes on the ground, tornado emergency for Marshalltown and a tornado no more than a mile or 2 from my parents place. Saw some of it from the backside with debris. https://www.facebook.com/tj.phillips.71/videos/10155841304052736/ edit: Catastrophic damage reported in Marshalltown.
  11. Agreed. I've chased so many storms that had incredible wall clouds spinning but nothing would come down or all the way down. Every. Single. Time. Pictures come out great but it's frustrating still. Amazes me models get consistent on something big or a big day and poof, little to nothing.
  12. Fremont storm I was watching was ready to be mean and thankfully failed, would've devastated Fremont. The Louisville short lived wedge kinda reminded me of El Reno and even Fremont storm. Huge low scraping wall clouds but not a comparatively extreme tornado within it due to the downgrade from ef5 to ef3. Wonder how similar atmosphere yesterday around Omaha looked before El Reno. Some difference was there
  13. GFS going a bit bonkers.
  14. Jonbo

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Targeted the Bedford area (away from convergence mania until I'm experienced) which was promising but like others said, lined out too quickly. Managed to be on the storm that went tor warned in SW Iowa. Had a really great base but it didn't materialize any further.
  15. Decided to chase in SW Iowa around Corning-Red Oak-Atlantic-Massena area and while it was a bust on classic looking tornadoes, a group I came across let me follow them and gained a lot of valuable knowledge and saw a funnel with a brief touchdown when we were reviewing footage (waiting on NWS review). Surprised me how quickly it went from 50-55 to 80-85 degrees in less than a minute, if that. First photo was when the initial tornado warning came out and may have had a brief touchdown also according to some of the radio chatter but we couldn't see it from the distance. Second photo was the major dust kick up; video of someone else getting too close to it below. Third is a screenshot from my video and 4th was taken by group in front of me. .