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  1. Agreed. I've chased so many storms that had incredible wall clouds spinning but nothing would come down or all the way down. Every. Single. Time. Pictures come out great but it's frustrating still. Amazes me models get consistent on something big or a big day and poof, little to nothing.
  2. Fremont storm I was watching was ready to be mean and thankfully failed, would've devastated Fremont. The Louisville short lived wedge kinda reminded me of El Reno and even Fremont storm. Huge low scraping wall clouds but not a comparatively extreme tornado within it due to the downgrade from ef5 to ef3. Wonder how similar atmosphere yesterday around Omaha looked before El Reno. Some difference was there
  3. GFS going a bit bonkers.
  4. Jonbo

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Targeted the Bedford area (away from convergence mania until I'm experienced) which was promising but like others said, lined out too quickly. Managed to be on the storm that went tor warned in SW Iowa. Had a really great base but it didn't materialize any further.
  5. Decided to chase in SW Iowa around Corning-Red Oak-Atlantic-Massena area and while it was a bust on classic looking tornadoes, a group I came across let me follow them and gained a lot of valuable knowledge and saw a funnel with a brief touchdown when we were reviewing footage (waiting on NWS review). Surprised me how quickly it went from 50-55 to 80-85 degrees in less than a minute, if that. First photo was when the initial tornado warning came out and may have had a brief touchdown also according to some of the radio chatter but we couldn't see it from the distance. Second photo was the major dust kick up; video of someone else getting too close to it below. Third is a screenshot from my video and 4th was taken by group in front of me. .
  6. With the way models are going, probably won't have to go too far outside of Des Moines to see something today (budgeting reasons). Maybe not a tor but I gotta end the severe wx withdrawals.
  7. Jonbo

    December 28-31 Snow Systems

    Needle threading hard for me this weekend. NAM scrapes maybe an inch, GFS dumps around 6".
  8. Jonbo

    Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Well there goes my balls on January 1st
  9. Jonbo

    December 24-25 Snow Potential

    Inch that band about 20-30 miles more north and I'm golden
  10. Jonbo

    December 21st-23rd Winter Storm

    Finally ended the records for latest first measurable snowfall in second place and longest streak of no measurable snow in third place. This frozen precip is neat
  11. Jonbo

    December 21st-23rd Winter Storm

    I'm supposed to be driving to western Iowa Friday for Christmas with family. Might have to bump those plans up if this is still showing in the morning.
  12. Jonbo

    2017 Short/Medium Range Severe Thread

    Even with the radar hole it was clear the rotation was tight from DVN (when velocity wasn't down) and STL/LSX radar. I didn't mention this 2 minutes before it touched down for no reason.
  13. Jonbo

    2017 Short/Medium Range Severe Thread

    Cell heading for Keokuk is looking interesting for a bit. Might be the lone cell to get a TW sometime soon.
  14. Jonbo

    December 2017 Discussion

    Skies are looking nice in central Iowa today, like an early March feel, before the front hits.
  15. How about that Marginal severe weather risk for Monday? Winter won't take over without a fight i guess.