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Weather Studio Version 3 (Releasing This Weekend)

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Paul Marv, the developer of the "Weather Studio" desktop weather applications will be releasing his latest iteration of the WS line this weekend, and I have to say I'm rather impressed by the beta so far. His previous programs (V1 and V2) were completely overshadowed by the behemoth (at the time), GREarth from Mike Gibson, but as GREarth's glimmer and glitz faded away these past few years there really hasn't any major competition available to the public. 


However, Paul is pretty set on this being his "nuclear" response to his competition with "NexradPro" (to compete with GR2Analyst) which features precip typing of level 2 data with a complex algorithm, an actual functioning beam sweep, the full suite of L2 data, 3D radial data, a ton of placefile integration (so no AH feed needed), and just too much to list here. A picture is worth a thousand words, so Ill post a shot below 





Next..he has the flagship WSV3, which is a powerhouse app that is as close to an actual TV mets toolbox as you can get on the market. I was really skeptical of this product since the past two versions were clunky and bothersome, but I'm actually liking how smooth all the data is and how easy it is to get what I need to display for a briefing. Again, you can be the judge so I'll post the link to more information about these products below. 


PS I have no affiliation with Paul Marv or any of his products, just completed the beta testing and thought I'd throw out an early Christmas present idea for all the weather weenies out there.


Unfortunately the price is still being worked out, but Paul has stated that it will be similar to the competition (GRE being 180 at launch in 2010) 






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I talked to him and he said that he is going to give out a huge discount only on the release date. I am for sure going to try the trial and maybe buy it.


There will be an announcement Friday night about prices and more.

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