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Mr Bob

Please Read - A few brief posting notes

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For those of you that are new, we encourage you to start posting! We do have a few protocols that seem to have worked better for the community as we have evolved over the last 12-13 years.


The Weather Pattern thread for each month is strictly for weather discussion. We prefer to keep this free of clutter and will delete or move posts that do not relate to weather pattern discussion. We have created a Banter thread for the purposes of cutting up....anything within the forum rules goes there. We also have an observation thread for you to post your own obs/ pics  of current weather. If a specific big event is coming up, a thread will be started for thoughts on that specific event.



Finally, we ask that you do not post "How much for my city, backyard?" type posts. The experts will post their thoughts (and we have amateurs who are very expert as well as pro mets) in due time. You should be able to decipher what you are going to get by just reading.


Thanks for your help and support!

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Another quick note for new posters....First posts have to be approved by a moderator and I may not always see that right away. So if you post and you do not see your post, feel free to shoot me or another moderator a PM to get your post approved. 

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