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  1. Wow... flipped to rain here in Beverly
  2. Flake size just doubled here in Lynn in the last 20 mins....incredible stuff
  3. Well I can personally confirm that it is happening...got a report of a water rescue by Lynn Fire Dept...plus plenty of flooded streets, especially near Lynn beach where there seems to be an updraft that has been pinned to the Lynn/Revere line
  4. Looks like it's a bookend vortex...had a little line segment that bowed,,,and this little spinup on the north side is from the speed shear
  5. Wow...it seems to be heading directly toward you...should be a fun 60 mins ahead
  6. Just saw a huge flash...not sure if lightning or transformer
  7. Heavy snow and wind gusts above 35mph now...flake size increase in the past half an hour/vis drop
  8. Winds really coming up...gusting to 45 probably...had been 20-30 most of the day
  9. Just north of Boston in Lynn...hardest snow of my life, no exaggeration. Visibility just dropped to 100 feet or so. 5 inches...probably 1 inch in the last 20 mins
  10. I have tried wxbell...and I was very thankful for the Euro data that came with that subscription...however, I would like to find weather software (perhaps something like GREarth) that would bring it all together. I don't mind paying a sizeable fee if it means having quality software/graphics/data availability. I would be very thankful for any suggestions...if you guys have experience with commercial software. Thanks in advance for any help/assistance that you may offer! Justin P.
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