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  1. I have tried wxbell...and I was very thankful for the Euro data that came with that subscription...however, I would like to find weather software (perhaps something like GREarth) that would bring it all together. I don't mind paying a sizeable fee if it means having quality software/graphics/data availability. I would be very thankful for any suggestions...if you guys have experience with commercial software. Thanks in advance for any help/assistance that you may offer! Justin P.
  2. 17z update of the 3hr pressure change map continues to show a sharp drop south of the MVY/ACK
  3. I'll add that here in Lynn we have that "raining" snow appearance as well...pretty good rate. Steady band here for the past hour or two
  4. This stuff coming from NY looks pretty good for tonight
  5. Flake size/structure has improved in the last 20 mins here as well
  6. Flakes seem unaffected by this shallow warmth, agreed
  7. I have us 10-14
  8. Snow is picking up in intensity here...started accumulating on roads within the past hour
  9. Forgive the crude drawing. FYI I'm on the east side of it...snowing still
  10. wet bulbs and 925 temps appear sufficiently cold, according to SPC mesomap...figuring with any intensity we can keep snow
  11. a lot of 34-36F readings popping along the coast now
  12. I know it's early...but the NAM looks fantastic
  13. really struggling to change here in coastal essex county