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  1. lindywx

    White Christmas 2017

    the 3km. NAM has been signaling a burst of snow here for the 9-12Z time since Friday We'll know soon enough if that comes to fruition but at least its something to keep an eye on. That's our only chance to get the ground whitened on the coast, but I would think everyone knows that by now.
  2. lindywx

    Fall 2017 Banter Thread

    you guys are bringing back memories of the GREAT bar days of the mid and late 70's. Seeing ZEBRA covering ZEPPELIN and mixing in their originals was a highlight for me at SPEAKS Does anyone remember Hammerheads,Cheers and Rumrunners. There was live music somewhere just about every weekend Twisted Sister was big back then too, And hanging out at the original Mulcahy's. I remember walking to Mulcahy's during a lull in the Blizzard of 78, about a mile from where I grew up in Wantagh and watching the backlash kick in We got 13" on the back side of that Great Storm after getting about a foot during the day. Great Memories!
  3. 6-1 ratios with this is a good guess, i think. 8" on the ground when it ends, gone by Tuesday afternoon
  4. lindywx

    Met Winter Banter

    I Think the weekend storm is testimony to the fact of how difficult it is to get an MECS around here and how fortunate we have been over the last decade or so. Having a 972mb.low at the BM on historically one of the coldest and snowiest days of the year and having to deal with a rainstorm is frustrating..We probably would overcome the WAA from the primary going to the lakes if we had some semblance of a high to drain some cold here down here. At the least we could have ended with a nice thump.
  5. lindywx

    Met Winter Banter

    I think LI is going to have to endure some heartache until we get into late January or early Feb.. The SST's are well above normal so any wind component NOT NNE is a problem
  6. decent snow shower here in LINDENHURST @ 47F earliest I can racall since 10/10/79
  7. lindywx

    3/1-3/2 Winter Storm OBS Thread

    I concur. We may be in the jackpot zone
  8. this event is going to end up having the look of Xmas night 2002 with 5-8" of snow over primarily a 6 hour period book ended by less meaningful snow
  9. 6z GFS has Sunday night storm going from Harrisburgh to Providence. 0Z had it from Pittsburgh to Albany So baby steps in the rught direction Gotta watch the 850mb low which is closed off over Ohio and torches the mid levels to +6 in a hurry. So we have some work to get this to an all snow event Best guess right now is a good front end thump on LI follow by a quick change over A mostly snow event in the city with some mixing and an all out snowstorm north and west of the city A classic 1970's and 80's winter storm
  10. they should lift the ban right now for the 5 boroughs it's pretty clear that heavy rates will stay 40 miles to the east, at least
  11. It really appears that the western edge of the prolific amounts is going to wind up east of the Sagiktos pkwy,,maybe even east of trhere, we'll see. i dont see myself getting back into the good stuff as the back edge is clearly eroding
  12. As DT stated earlier, the key to the forecast is the capture and stall. This may end up playing out like the blizzard of 78 While that clipper/mauler traversed the country further north in 78, eventually it bombed and stalled 7mb weaker in the same location off of MTP that is being depicted by the Euro 984mb in 78 vs, 977mb tomorrow. If you were around in 78 you will recall that it was a 2 part storm with a foot across the area on the front end followed by a 3 hour lull, then another foot across LI after the stall.There was significantly less snow on the backside as you traveled west because of where the banding set up There was no radar available to look at minute by minute like today but I suspect that was the case. So I expect totals similar to 1978 if the Euro is right
  13. lindywx

    Friday 1/9 Light Snow Event

    temps have skyrocketed on the strong sw winds overnight with many south shore locales at or even above freezing as of 4:30am I didn't expect to be flirting with the freezing mark this early but this goes to show you how ocean temps in the low 40;s just offshore can wreak havoc at the surface when combined with strong winds off those waters
  14. lindywx

    Winter 2014-15 Banter Thread

    more specifically between the Lindsey Storm (Feb 1969) and the suprise Jan 20th, 1978 storm and again between the Feb 1983 Blizzard and the MARCH 93 Storm of the Century, i don't think there was anything greater than 8", if I'm not mistaken (from the city east) We did have a Blizzard Watch or Warning posted for the Monday after The Giants beat the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI, but other that that we're talking many lean big snowfall years. By the way, how would you like to be a snowfreak and a die hard Giant fan during the 4th. quarter of SUPER XXI, with the game in hand and the crawl on the bottom of the TV screen screaming Blizzard Warning for tomorrow. I WAS IN MY GLORY.