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  1. 20 hours ago, MANDA said:

    Will be interesting to see what happens.  Thanks for the info.

    they started hearings on this yesterday in the house so it looks like it is a done deal and will pass get use to going out in the dark in december 2023

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  2. No more moving clocks in the U.S. The measure passed by unanimous consent in the Senate…. This is the closest Congress has ever been to actually making this happen.”Mar 17, 2022 the house has yet to even discuss the bill but i am sure in the lame duck session after the elections it will pass..

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  3. 22 minutes ago, SRRTA22 said:

    Why is everyone wearing winter coats , it's 60 degrees outside:lol:

    chilly mornings and low humidity makes it feel cooler plus it is the season of october.. people wear jackets

  4. 40 minutes ago, forkyfork said:

    the models that busted last night's forecast are dry tuesday and vice versa. i have a better feeling about part two than part one

    when i see you post i know it is bad news for fans of  weather... aka rain or snow ...

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Tezeta said:

    It looks like a cat 4 to me. Not perfect eyewall, not in the 920s or lower, good but not great IR, and at best borderline recon obs before the planes left. 

    weenies want it to be a 5 because they have a parasocial relationship with the hurricane. 

    hurricane mathew was a cat 5 at 934 mg hurricane edith was a cat 5 at 943 mg so it can happen at 937..

  6. 8 minutes ago, ldub23 said:

    Yea, a  bunch of  nothing. Even Ian  will be a tropical storm at landfall unless  it takes a  hard right south of  Tampa. I see this  and  my eye  glaze  over. 2004-05-03-07-11 1996-99-85-79-71-50-54-55-59-60-64-65-69 it aint. Oh, and  1970 had carla which is far  more than this season will produce. What the  heck 1933-35-36-39 40-44-47.

    2018-17-12. I  could  go on even more. That  map is full of  nothing.

    you said this season would amount to nothing already we have a name that will be retire in fiona.. and who knows maybe ian as well we shall see..

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