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  1. 4 minutes ago, HKY_WX said:

    Being from Hickory I always wondered what went on at meat camp. Then I drove through one time and realized absolutely nothing goes on at meat camp.

    Hey now, they have a dollar general now, it's on the up and up.


    HRRR trying to increase snow around Union county, NC to the East just slightly. Honestly, if if there's half an inch of accumulation I'd be ecstatic with this storm.

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  2. 1 hour ago, olafminesaw said:

    It's the playoffs. Why not just put 15 more minutes on the clock, whoever is ahead at the end wins, 15 more if tied? It's not that hard. 

    I agree with this, though I'd make it more like 10 minutes. Everyone gets two timeouts and one challenge maybe?

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  3. Just now, Justicebork said:

    Those of us from Raleigh understand that snow actually damages our local economy, creates physical hazards for our senior citizens, and prevents us from operating at maximum efficiency at work.  We are not foolish enough to wish that on ourselves.  Sign us up for a cold, gray, and dry day.  Or better yet, another fine white powder with the opposite effects of those listed above.  Thanks in advance.

    Man, you cliff jumped all the way down to reality.

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