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  1. looking at the GFS, I'm ready to move to the desert.
  2. My thoughts after yesterday and today’s nice warm days regarding winter: Meh, bring on the spring and sun.
  3. Not getting the warmth you guys are getting. Roughly mid 40’s all day in Boone so not as exciting. I threw all my chips in on the upcoming pattern for the next week or so. If it doesn’t happen I’m out and ready to get a tan, even my boss says I’m scary pale.
  4. You would think it's either gonna be 70's and sunny or Armageddon in the thread, no in between lol
  5. Cloudy skies in Johnson City, that count as part of the forum? Lol, the drive back to Boone will hopefully be snow filled here in a few hours.
  6. Gotten noticeably cooler and the wind has picked up. Just waiting now.
  7. It feels like mid 40’s in Boone. It needs to cool off quite a bit
  8. Clear skies in Boone... and man it’s warm
  9. SREF plumes took a tumble for Boone. Meh.
  10. Difference being, this one is 50/50 for the mountains with some of the short term models pushing everything south, which is a bit more rare.
  11. Jesus, happy hour isn't starting well.
  12. I'm gonna completely disregard the Euro and 21z rap and let it bite me here in a few hours. Don't believe it at all.
  13. 09z is the latest as of a few minutes ago.
  14. Nam slams me. I'll take it, except for the fact I'll be in Johnson city tomorrow night so I'll miss the biggest part lol
  15. SREF plumes for Boone are now at a mean of over 5 inches. 9 members over 8 inches with 4 over a foot which is interesting.
  16. I can actually see what color my truck is for the first time in a week so I’m assuming it only rained here as well last night. Man, I was honestly surprised to see what the models were showing this morning, put a smile on my face for sure, and considering it’s tomorrow, I like our chances.
  17. Don't know why I'm still looking at SREF plumes, but an average of 4 inches with 5 members over 8 inches is nothing to sneeze at.
  18. All of my chips are on the table for the next 2-3 weeks, after that I'm out. Let's make this pattern count for what we are seeing so far.
  19. GFS looks good, one caveat is the thermal profile is warmer everywhere than the NAM.
  20. @snowbird1230 ,, now we just gotta get you to take pics in landscape mode so I can save them as my desktop background. jk, amazing pics!!!
  21. Still not much snow in Boone, but the wind made it look like a snowstorm outside and I get an extra hour of sleep before work, no complaints.
  22. This will be a bust for Boone unless something happens. HRRR and other modeling keeps drying up when we haven't had anything but light flurries pretty much all day. try again next week for the northern counties.
  23. The Chevy/GMC store. watching the flurries amount to nothing, I get the rates will pick up later, but this definitely isn’t the “big one” for up here, and thts ok. More excited about the next week anyway.
  24. Let 'er fly! Finally picking up at the dealership in Boone (someone come buy, it's a slow day lol)
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