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  1. Something, something ***"insert constant sun angle comments here*** something....
  2. I'll split the blame since I nominated you to do it lol
  3. Alright, I'm out on this one, gonna be lucky to eek out flurries even in Monroe. On to next Wednesday!
  4. Man, you cliff jumped all the way down to reality.
  5. Well, the main thread was fun, now it's in the can again, how's everyone in here?
  6. Heavy sleet in Boone. Surface temp went from 21 to 26 in the past 30 minutes.
  7. Pouring snow in Boone now. Still not a ton on the ground but looks like the heaviest is coming in now. Saw a Toyota Solara driving in the snow, that’s a first for me seeing that.
  8. I haven’t measured officially but it looks like we are underperforming in Boone. Maybe 4 inches on the ground? No complaints here though, I’m enjoying every minute of it.
  9. Woke up to it absolutely ripping it in Boone. I’m very excited to watch the people shoveling snow out in front of their car, might have to do a demonstration as to why Subarus are amazing here in a minute.
  10. In Boone 2:33am: quiet now. cold, 29 degrees according to Subaru. Quiet skies.
  11. I’ll be honest, I’m. Bit drunk at ale house in Boone, but everything I’ve looked at says we “should” hit the upper limits of NWS forecasts. Not necessarily GFS runs, but got a good feeling, I’ll be checking in at 5 am, good luck to the southern posters as they get hit first.
  12. First flakes of the season for me!!!!!! On 421 between Deep Gap and Boone. Just light flurries. Car says 31 degrees
  13. Man y’all eating good but idk if it beats the app sampler I got at Sheetz in Yadkinville LOL
  14. I'm hoping not, but the Nam being stubborn with it has me just a tad concerned. Have to see here in just a couple hours once the HRRR has the storm truly in it's wheelhouse and see how it looks on the hourly runs.
  15. I think it's time people start buying the fact that sleet/ Freezing rain is gonna make an appearance.
  16. Granted it's nowcast really instead of looking at models, but it does concern me a tad that the Nam has gradually reduced totals for the northern counties as we've gotten closer. But shall see what happens.
  17. lol for Boone, they simply put "a foot or more" on sunday. and 1-3 Saturday night and Sunday night.
  18. i'm not buying a transition to sleet for the northern mountains. that is typically the LAST place that ever changes over. guess we shall see soon enough
  19. I nominate the blue turd. I believe it worked out before. assuming we're still using that nickname lol
  20. You can Blame Cantore for the Frz rain in Asheville, as he's headed there lol
  21. I got lucky and found a room at 2 am this morning. Had to use all my Hilton honors points and it still cost $45 lol
  22. Clocking into work, hope to be done by 5 so I can be in Boone by 7. Almost gametime!!!! (Also I forgot it was MLK weekend, hotel prices are astronomical)
  23. I'll cash out right now. Ready to wake up tomorrow morning (I'm staying up for at least the GFS run if not more) and read the obs reports before I head to Boone after work!
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