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  1. 18z GFS looking slightly better at 156, let's see what happens.
  2. Correction: outside of the mountains, back to day 16.
  3. CMC and GFS both bringing that upper LP down quicker. That's a big no no if we want something nice next weekend.
  4. From what I can tell, it looks like the energy from our low mixed with the LP coming from the north, and as always, never results in anything good.
  5. 12z GFS with big changes for mid week. Another round of light snow for the mountains late Wednesday into Thursday.
  6. Temp profiles for this Monday are not what they need to be according to the GFS, but the moisture is there on the Nam and GFS for a couple of inches if it verifies.
  7. Good news guys, we're no longer living 10 days out, after a couple of months of trying, we've reduced that number to 9 days out!
  8. Upper atmosphere is completely different, and surface is completely different. If it was even remotely similar I would give more stock to the latest 0z Euro. Today's 12z will probably be horrendous compared to the 0z, but even if it's closer than yesterdays 12z run is to the latest 0z, I'll consider it a win. (top pic is yesterdays 12z, bottom is this mornings 0z) Edit: Reason I bring this particular part up, is were roughly 9 days away or so, although surface features are expected to be different, upper air features should start to somewhat sync up, which hasn't happened yet on the Euro.
  9. They're making sure everything works for the Fab Feb we're about to have lol.
  10. Gonna disregard the weekends little flurry action on Sunday completely unless something changes. I'm more intrigued on monday and the end of next week. As of now, it looks like the best chance we've had so far at something nice. So let's see.
  11. looks a bit different, but add the CMC as well. I'm more excited by that than the upslope "event" this weekend.
  12. The Upslope part that we are eyeing doesnt start til Sunday. *edit: Saturday evening into sunday.
  13. I'm not very optimistic on this weekend yet. To me the orientation of it doesnt seem to be the greatest this far south. That can of course change but further north I think will be a better spot to get some good action. And though the NAM is in long range territory still, it looks dry from what I can see.
  14. Euro looks ok...overall I think as of now it is the best look. But were still in that 8-11 day range so until we get closer I'm keeping my hype at a 0.
  15. We're something around February 1st. Lack of cold air could be a killer if the storm comes back NW. But honestly it's all we have besides potentially some wrap around NWFS this weekend. As for the 45 day forecast...that's a 45 day forecast that takes us to the middle of march? I'm not promised at all by that. but guess it's better than what we have now...
  16. Per the norm. Bring on spring so I can enjoy a hot march cruise.
  17. Well at least you have something. Been in High Point and just got back to Boone about 10 minutes ago with clear skies just a few minutes away. Nice to see some snow on the ground though
  18. Yea, honestly I either want snow, or have it be warm so I can go hiking a few more times. Probably either gonna be in the Greensboro area or out west so we shall see soon enough.
  19. My thoughts on winter at this point: how many days til spring? Looks like I'm gonna be moving away from the mountains in May and cant get more than an inch or two. Maybe we will get lucky, but cant really get within a week of something nice in prime climo.
  20. 18z GEFS was quite cold after reading the main thread. This could be interesting.
  21. I'm still gonna sit on this thread for a few more days. Yea the cold and stormy signal is there, but it's just as far away as it's ever been, so I'm not gonna budge on excitement until its inside 6 days.
  22. This may be a huge shock to some, but the boone mall parking lot is flooded.