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  1. Havent measured at all, but we had a solid break last night, but the heavy rain just started again and I'm sure roads will get bad quick up here in Boone.
  2. GFS still showing light snow for the 15th. Winter never got started, but it'll never die either.
  3. Lot of us upgraded to a medium probability of severe storms today. Let's have some fun and see what happens.
  4. Well. I'll consider that a complete wrap at this point haha. Got an internship - possible job offer- to move to Hilton Head at the end of May, so this may in fact have been my last winter here.
  5. Light sleet fest in Boone. Nothing sticking of course, but can hear the constant tap of it hitting the window.
  6. Offcially moving on from what you can call a winter. Gonna rate this one a solid D+ for us northern mountain folks. bunch of bull **** all winter.
  7. This may come as a shocker, but Boone has novelty flurries and the slightest dusting on the ground.
  8. of course the Nam would show the biggest snow of the season for the northern counties at the exact same time I'm leaving for Florida lol
  9. worth leaving Boone Thursday night instead of Early Friday morning for my 7am flight out of Asheville?
  10. Eh...for a lot of people unless a miracle happens at this point are done with winter. Granted miracles can happen, but overall the way this winter had been...
  11. Glad you guys down south are having a good one. Besides the amazing heavy snow that fell for 45 minutes yesterday afternoon, we still are having a messed up winter for some reason up here. But hey ya cant win them all lol
  12. Lol, we started off amazing, and then literally nothing overnight.
  13. Ground went from bare to white in 8 minutes. Not an exaggeration in the time. HEAVY snow.
  14. Yea. Wasting a lot of decent falling snow today. Oh well. See what happens tonight
  15. yep, sitting here at the store next to dollar general and it's been on and off flurries.
  16. Yall ever sleep? Really liking the model trends this evening. Going to assume some of the banding is overdone, but some decent rates pop up at times on the Nam and HRRR. Let's do it again!
  17. WHAT. A. NIGHT! absolutely pouring snow last night and early this morning. Temps really killed early accumulations here, but managed around an inch and a half anyway. By far the most fun event to watch.
  18. 35 and moderate to heavy snow. Thermals will help us get 0 accumulation at this point.
  19. I mean it does show some decent precip forming with the initial rain band, but just after that is abysmal. We shall see over the next few hours though. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  20. Look at that snow hole over Watauga on the latest HRRR. Now THAT I believe lol Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk