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  1. What I'm confused by is why 3k is showing snow depth for MBY even though the whole column is above freezing (or just at it, at best) the whole time?
  2. Tiny amount of rotation around the crossover from Anderson to Greenville County.
  3. I'm watching that... headed right for me.
  4. Saw a couplet that died fast. Also saw a pretty decent couplet before the warning east of Easley.
  5. Lots of reports of heavy hail from that storm in Greenville County.
  6. Is this on track for our area according to models or too warm? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. GFS has increased totals for the upstate, although at this stage it doesn't mean much.
  8. Trace of accumulating sleet near GSP.
  9. Is there any free site or program out there that shows current METARs on a map?