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  1. Some photos of the winter snows that started in the Cascades of Washington last month.
  2. Pacific Northwest even getting a little heat the past couple days. Although not like the rest of the country. Mid 80s today in the Seattle area, and it could be 90 by Friday. Rainier today.
  3. Looks like it will be cooking in the Midwest in a day or two. Not going to miss that. Thought you guys would like to see a few pics of thunderstorms that formed in southern Montana two days ago. With these storms, they don't have the high dew points to work with like they do further east and south. They're driven by the terrain and rising air.
  4. Was a much more pleasant day humidity wise. Drove into SD today on the way to Washington. Became quite breezy in MN today. Caught this cloud formation north of Madison. Second pic, not our sub forum really - Wind farm in southern MN.
  5. It's actually going to rain again! Looks like the south side is going to get raked.
  6. I would have like no motivation to step foot outside in that soupy air mass. A more modest 86/71/92 here.
  7. Some cells trying to get going to the WSW. Skies have been largely cloudy today, but there has been some breaks in the last couple hours..
  8. 91° here today. Dew point backed off some as the afternoon went on. Breezy again. Looking so dry around here.
  9. , no. I sort of follow football. I'll stay as a Packers fan. I follow the national weather more than I do the NFL actually. I'm staying with family for a bit, who are Seahawks fans, so it could be interesting!
  10. Holy Cow, that's a lot of rain! Would be nice to get a quarter of that down here.
  11. Thanks. I'll be east of Seattle up against the mountains. Not the snowiest area, but the foothills do see more snow than areas near the water. If I am there this winter... it's a la Nina winter, so it could be interesting.
  12. It's a very warm and breezy night. Sitting at 79°/70°. Reach 90° today. Corn is probably 4 feet tall now, maybe slightly higher in pockets. The last rain helped perk things up a little, but it only went so far.
  13. Thanks. Well I can get reports from my family still here at least. So their will be reports from time to time. I got my eye on the Midwest still (and Colorado), I just think I can get my foot in the door faster somewhere in WA. Having family there will make it a bit easier getting used to the place more. Will definitely miss the area...if the move does end up being permanent.
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