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  1. Where can I view this data plot? .
  2. Yes indeed! Actually says HEAVY snow tonight. Hopefully, this is a good sign for the rest of ATL Metro- especially along I-20.
  3. Looks more amped up on the latest GFS 12z run coming in. Notice the blow up of accumulations going from Miss through AL at hr 18- looks good.
  4. If you look at the last 3 runs of the GFS, it's been consistent at hinting at a possible SE Winter Storm around New Years. Let's see if other models catch on and if the trend holds, we may have a real Winter Storm threat to track!
  5. That's what I thought! lol... However, on occasions they do show the EURO.
  6. Not sure, but one has to wonder if TWC uses the GFS or Euro for their forecast...
  7. Yes indeed! Also, compare this latest run of the GFS Parallel to the previous 6z run and you'll notice that the accumulation of snow/ice shifted southward. The 6z run had a huge slug of nearly 1 ft of snow over northern Kentucky. However, now on the latest run that same significant line of accumulations is over southern Tennessee and Mississippi/Alabama! You'll also notice an uptick in snow/ice accumulation over the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Northern Georgia (near Atlanta metro area as well)!
  8. I'm just gonna leave this right here.. What beautiful eye candy!!
  9. I just don't see the precip moving north and east to affect areas like northern alabama and georgia. Am I along on this thought?