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  1. We got less than 5 inches which immediately melted, there was a huge gradient near the immediate shoreline for that one. And as you say, predictions were off the chart, so big letdown.
  2. Moderately heavy snow in HVN. I am amazed, this looks to be a good solid snowfall for the area… Never would have believed it with yesterday’s highs near 60, but this is both sticking to roads and rapidly accumulating. If we don’t taint, I’d say Upton’s predicted 5 inches here is easily doable. As far as I’m concerned this storm is already an overachiever compared with any of the last 4 storms, which all started way too late and several dollars short vs. predictions IMBY...
  3. Snow bomb obs March 21

    FWIW, we're getting some legit heavy snow right now in HVN - OK, let's say it's heavy-ish, anyway. At least it looks like a winter storm out the window, and more-or-less matches the radar for the first time... Heh, take what you can get from this piece of shlop pseudo-storm...
  4. Snow bomb obs March 21

    It's snowing. Not quite heavy, but it's real snow now as opposed to the random flakes alternating with nothing that's been (not) falling all day. So, an improvement.
  5. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Very bright out, almost like the sun is gonna peak out any sec... There are a few flakes flying around, sure, but nothing's sticking. I have a feeling New Haven is gonna get hosed once again with this latest storm, which would make us 0 for 4. Bring on severe season.
  6. Yep, that's all. Like I said, hosed.
  7. We're due. New haven got completely hosed on all the last 3 storms, varying from nothing (storm #1) to maybe a couple inches of slush (#3) to a frightening peak of 4 or 5 at most on storm #2 that immediately melted anyway. I'm unconvinced about big totals for this go round given the model disagreements, but remain cautiously optimistic. And, we're due.
  8. The King Regains its Throne

    Currently dry holed in New Haven, and have been for a while. Near total cessation. So it goes.
  9. The King Regains its Throne

    Getting downright Nemo-ish in New Haven. Multiple hits of thunder, extreme snow... Yeah, I remember this!
  10. Obs Thread 1/15-17

    And so days and days of snow becomes a few hours of light rain and drizzle. Don't think I've seen so much as a snowflake here in New Haven, that observed accumulation map for CT that was posted is definitely wrong for the immediate shore, at least hereabouts. So it goes... Can't say I was expecting much else.
  11. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Insanely heavy snow in New Haven right now under that band. Visually as impressive as anything I've seen, including the 5"/hour death-band of Nemo a few years ago (probably not equivalent to that, but it sure looks like it is). Nice.
  12. Looks like we're gonna get trained on all night...
  13. Not exactly, as you well know. But given some sunshine this maybe coulda been a big deal. As it is... Well, potential is clearly present for rotation.
  14. Lots of shear right now. Some of the updrafts coming in off the sound have clear supercellular structure, albeit very rudimentary. And yeah, I know I'm gonna get weenied for that observation, but its still true. Wish I'd taken a picture...
  15. Tropical Season 2017

    Huh, I thought that Rockport forecast had to be a photoshop job, but it’s for real! Wow. Which brings up the question, what’s the record for continuous duration of hurricane conditions in a single place, anyone know? I was unable to find this among the usual lists of TC records using a quick Google search.