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  1. Crazy motion in the clouds with this last cell over HVN, probably some wind damage somewhere east of me...
  2. Unfortunately that collapse scoured the atmosphere for miles around New Haven, and it's probably gonna kill that little sup wannabe cell coming up the coast... Might briefly spin it up a bit as the boundary hits, though...
  3. SPC just upped their tornado probs for VT/NH area to 5%, and they sound like they’re considering a tornado watch in new MD for that area. I’ll be going to central VT in a couple weeks… But not today. Situation doesn’t quite warrant a day trip. Maybe if mid-level lapse rates were better…
  4. The view from East Rock, 1st Waterbury cell, then the one south:
  5. Well that was fun… Went up to the top of East Rock and watched two nice storms, first the Waterbury cell then the one to the southwest that took over. East Rock is a perfect spot for storm watching… As it happened, both shelf clouds petered out right before they were overhead, which wasn’t a bad thing - I barely even got rained on! Will look through my lousy cell cam pics and see if there’s anything worth posting… There definitely should be, both cells were impressive from up there.
  6. I'm thinking of going after that southern storm, if it maintains rotation and radar presentation. Need to decide soon... The cell near Waterbury.
  7. Assume you meant Woodbury, but yeah... Good luck.
  8. pretty tight rotation now, could get interesting
  9. Typical nesqualline... I'm underwhelmed.
  10. Video of the tornado (very brief) and some pics of the wall cloud here: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/05/31/tornado-sightings-dutchess-county/
  11. Wow... Impressive. Could definitely produce.
  12. I don't know if those last minutes were recorded by anyone. I thought about trying to do that myself, but couldn't think of an easy way to do it, and then it was all over. Maybe the site itself has a copy.
  13. Absolutely epic webcam destruction, glad I stayed up to watch it. It fought hard, but lost in the end. The random shots of incoming waves while it was being tossed around by the pier were great. RIP, channel off air. Classic!
  14. Nice light show over New Haven, heavy rain, some wind, continuous thunder...
  15. Really? That was a separate cell, less impressive looking on radar, but who knows. I'll be really pissed if there was a tornado ongoing in North Haven while I was staring like an idiot out to sea... Not really a chase-able event, though. Visibility sucked in all directions.