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  1. I don't know if those last minutes were recorded by anyone. I thought about trying to do that myself, but couldn't think of an easy way to do it, and then it was all over. Maybe the site itself has a copy.
  2. Absolutely epic webcam destruction, glad I stayed up to watch it. It fought hard, but lost in the end. The random shots of incoming waves while it was being tossed around by the pier were great. RIP, channel off air. Classic!
  3. Nice light show over New Haven, heavy rain, some wind, continuous thunder...
  4. Really? That was a separate cell, less impressive looking on radar, but who knows. I'll be really pissed if there was a tornado ongoing in North Haven while I was staring like an idiot out to sea... Not really a chase-able event, though. Visibility sucked in all directions.
  5. Went to have a look, but nothing of interest was visible from New Haven harbor. Sure looked sweet on radar, though. Good call from Ryan.
  6. Yeah, about the same here. Disappointing, but I had zero expectations anyway. Edit: heh, radar shows that line just completely died right over me. So it goes.
  7. Picture (why not?):
  8. Just went out for a look... Standard-issue menacing shelf cloud arcing over New Haven. Fairly high based, not that photogenic, I've seen way better. But it's something, on a day I had very low expectations for, so bring it on...
  9. Yep, things are looking quite different today from last night. Agree the focus has shifted south, which is good for me, but... There’s just not that much flavor left in the event, as currently progged. Last night the one thing most of the models agreed on was that there would be decent helicity, but now that seems scaled back to more typical SNE “meh” numbers. So even if we get some good instability, something that‘s still very much in question, any supercell activity will likely be sparse and probably will need a boundary to provide the spin. Still, it’s SNE, so just about anything can happen. Insolation looks good, per satellite, no widespread cloud debris, so... Who knows? We‘ll see.
  10. Yeah, shrinking risk area, not surprised. Never put your faith in a 3-day out severe prediction in Southern New England, its a likely remote possibility at best, whatever the SPC may say. On the other hand, I will also not be surprised to see the risk area expand again on the day of, or night before. It's SNE, that's just how it is here.
  11. Another pic:
  12. a quick look at HVN storm
  13. got some amazing cellphone pics of meso and gust front over new haven, will upload shortly. Amazing! (if the pics are anything like what I witnessed, haven't even checked yet)
  14. Unfortunately, it's a bad time on a horrible day to chase. I drove to Westbrook and back earlier today and the traffic was ridiculous, and it's only going to get worse as rush hour approaches. So yeah, you pretty much gotta pick your spot and hope the storm comes to you. Luckily for you, the presumptive storm of the day appears to be doing just that. I'm very tempted to make a run up 91, but... I know better. Good luck up there in Hartford.
  15. I stand corrected! Figures there would be somebody here who would know about that. I just did a google image search for "eye of horus" and picked a result at random. So the Eye of Re is like an anticyclonic Eye of Horus. Cool resemblance either way.