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  1. So far, this is the only known radar confirmed tornado in the area. This had a TDS on it, and was just before the warning was issued. It appeared to form in the bookend portion of the outflow tail, along the back of the hook echo. This is the 9:09 PM GSP scan near Wade Hampton, just west of the radar:
  2. GSP Radar 8:35 PM Scan: Near Pickens SC
  3. Far from JAN radar, but a small circulation is also moving through Meridian MS right now. Hopefully nothing is down with that one.
  4. New Orleans Radar 4:06 AM Scan: 10 miles west of McComb MS
  5. New Orleans Radar 4:02 AM Scan: Near Liberty MS
  6. Pretty broad but strong circulation near Liberty MS. Baton Rouge has a powerful thunderstorm heading their way as well.
  7. The mesocyclone exited the first Rapides Parish polygon over Woodworth at 9:21 PM CDT, picked up a debris signature, and was not warned again until it was over Chambers at 9:28 PM CDT, seven minutes later. Other warnings prior were not extended until varying debris balls were about 1 or 2 minutes away from exiting polygons, hence the frustration from many folks regarding LCH. Almost as if they are using the original AWIPS system tonight.
  8. Debris maybe beginning to show west of Woodworth.
  9. The storm nearing Ringgold LA is trying to get going it appears.
  10. The storm west of Alexandria LA beginning to turn right a bit more. Should be warned soon I believe.
  11. Looks like a big area of damaging winds, with a possible circulation just south of Troy AL.
  12. Some noticeable circulations near Gantt and Heath NE of Andalusia in AL.
  13. Looks like a pretty good signature in Lowndes county AL west of Gordonville.
  14. Still small circulation over Lisman AL with the Quitman-originated storm. No extension of the warning from MOB at this time.