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  1. AppsRunner

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    I drove an Ames to DVN round trip yesterday. It wasn't fun. Although I still think NW Illinois (anything past Joliet on I-80) is my least favorite place to drive. At least most of Iowa has some small hills to look at, IL was just flat.
  2. AppsRunner

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Part of me wanted the last storm to get a little closer to us just to make the gradient a bit more impressive. I have a week between Dec. 23-28 where I'll be in Syracuse, and it's entirely possible I see more in those 5 days than I do all winter here. Wouldn't be too unmanageable.
  3. AppsRunner

    December 2018 General Discussion

    Picked up 1/2” of snow on the tail end of the main band yesterday as we briefly switched to snow. Back to snow overnight and have about an inch to 1.5” today. Nice to see the ground covered for the first time since October
  4. AppsRunner

    December 2018 General Discussion

    The DSM - Ames snow hole is either going to fill in this weekend or get significantly more LOL-worthy. Fun/complicated upper low setup tomorrow through Sunday. Nice storm for the Midwest even if some of it is rain
  5. AppsRunner

    November 2018 General Discussion

    Not the best pattern but certainly active the next ten days. Upper Miss. Valley/MW have the best shot for accumulating snow... if we can manage enough cold air. Hopefully the snow hole in N IA/WI/MN fills in a bit.
  6. AppsRunner

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Better than having 10 consecutive Euro runs give you a 6-12" only to have the storm slide so far south that you end up with nothing. But couldn't agree more, after spending four years in a lake effect snowbelt this winter is off to a pretty frustrating start.
  7. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    SREF Plumes for the Des Moines folks. Take your pick
  8. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    While not as big of a story as what LOT has to deal with, the spread for Des Moines metro I’d rather insane. The GFS basically bullseyes DSM, the euro has about 1” of snow, and the NAMs have a very sharp gradient essentially through the metro. Can’t imagine any of those folks are having fun.
  9. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    FV3/GFS/GEFS well north of short/medium term guidance. That’s new. Hopefully the 00z runs shift towards a consensus
  10. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    FV3 was pretty significantly North. The difference in the strength of the final shortwave has been noticeably different with most 12z guidance, where even the GFS now closes off a few height contours at H5. Also pretty large jump jump north with the 12z GEFS
  11. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    In Ames for this storm, it’s fun watching the northern edge slide completely out of play for us. I think DSM has gone several years without a 6” storm... that looks to continue here
  12. AppsRunner

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    Euro ensembles are definitely a bit south of previous runs, but split fairly distinctly. Won’t be surprised to see shifts back NW though as this seems to be the time (~48-96hrs) where models play shenanigans before coming to consensus
  13. AppsRunner

    Michael Banter Thread

    It's worth noting that not only did Tyndall AFB gust to 130mph, but a couple UF/WeatherFlow stations also recorded winds of that caliber for getting tossed around. The one that hit the eye (after the wind sensor died) recorded an 86/G129. The one station just SE of Mexico beach recorded 96/G126. Not to mention the FSU/Panama City station that hit 100/G116 before it also died (on an offshore wind). Given that there was a recorded 16.5mb pressure difference over 3.7 nmi and multiple datasets of ~920mb pressure, it's laughable that people are even considering this to be Cat1/Cat2. Hopefully the NHC appreciates your email though!
  14. AppsRunner

    Major Hurricane Michael

    St. Andrew Bay station reporting 54G101 mph.