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  1. Hey guys, just dropping in here now to say hello! I'll be moving out to DEN/BOU near the end of June to start at the WFO. Looking forward to some future discussions with you all, and I'm excited to live in a slightly more exciting state! Hopefully you'll be seeing me in more threads around here over the next few months. Any advice on the best places to live would always be appreciated (and maybe the best places to get out to storm chase from too )
  2. We got down to -7 in Ames this morning, and -1F at DSM. The -7 is a degree off the all time Ames record but shatters a record from 1911 (2F). DSM's is also a record, five degrees colder than the previous one. I'm personally very thankful that this type of anomalous cold didn't come in the dead of January.
  3. Ended up with around 4" here, depending on which CoCoRaHS station you like in Ames. Not too shabby for a fairly short duration event. Now for the cold!
  4. Around 1-1.5" in Ames. The 1.2" which fell yesterday night at DMX is a daily snowfall record, breaking the previous record of 0.2" in 1913. Thankfully we didn't have any accumulations on roads, it sounds like traffic got pretty rough in the eastern half of the state.
  5. Coincidentally in Norman this week for the HWT. The mood is pretty ominous. Really don’t like the look of the flash flooding threat either
  6. Looks like this is the real deal for Chicago. (Un)fortunately looks like I'm a little too far south to experience the fun, but this will be fascinating to watch tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing some good pictures!
  7. Changed over to snow for an hour or so at the end. Didnt lose the snowpack which doesn’t bode well for getting too warm this next system
  8. May briefly manage to change to snow this afternoon but I'm not counting on it. 34F and rain right now.
  9. While Phillifan is right... I think what Matt is referring too has just been luck or a lack-thereof. One thing that may also contribute is the land-breeze fronts (e.g. Steenburgh and Campbell) that could be contributing, especially overnight where lake vs. land temperature differences are maximized. But I think for Matt's question, the answer is pretty much down to luck. I remember a few years back when phillifan and I did forecasts for the DOT there seemed to always be heavy lake-effect during the day due east of the lake, so it's probably just random chance.
  10. We got to -8 briefly this morning. It was unpleasant. Not sure how to feel about the Thursday storm here. On one hand, the GFS/FV3 are both pretty good hits and the GEM isn't awful but the Euro/UKMET have basically no precip.
  11. Got down to -5 an hour or so ago, and we'll probably struggle to get above 0 today. A few more storm threats on the horizon here. That first wave Thursday looks like it'd be a good event somewhere, thought the weekend one has more potential to be big. Either way, I just hope it warms up a bit. The roads are finally clear in town after being almost completely ice packed for the week after the blizzard, but the sun can only do so much when it's this cold out.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed the trend back west here too. I hope that whatever happens back here helps out the I-70 folks, they could use a storm.
  13. Of course the 18z GFS has a stripe of 30” in 4 days so, ya never know
  14. As someone else had mentioned, the standard is usually to use warm/hot water on the outside of the tube.
  15. May not be as bad as some of the others... but across central Iowa it's still bad. I-35 still shut down between Ames and the border. Route 69 between here and Des Moines almost worse. I-35 north of Story City: Route 69 between Ames and Ankeny: Route 69 north of Story City: