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  1. Sleeting enough that it sounds like bacon sizzling in a frying pan when it hits the windows
  2. Sleet near the intersection of Braddock Rd and Gum Spring Rd in Chantilly/Aldie.
  3. There is definitely some black ice out there. I almost slipped and fell walking into work near Waxpool Rd.
  4. Be careful driving, roads will randomly collapse to one lane, and the plows are making snow walls at intersections while they push snow. This includes Rt 50 and Braddock Rd in the Chantilly/South Riding Area.
  5. Just got this in an email from my HOA: "The heavy winds, snow drifts, lack of visibility, and accumulation is making conditions nearly impossible for the crews to make any progress. The severity of the storm is being affected by all including VDOT, who is out of fuel in Loudoun County, as many plows that are stuck on major highways and roadways, have stopped services due to visibility issues, and are way behind on making progress on major roads. Rumors are that VDOT will not be in to secondary streets until late Monday."
  6. This snow is heavy to shovel, it will be tough to toss it any higher on those piles when this next band finishes
  7. About 29.5" here in Aldie, the stuck plow count is up to 2
  8. Almost looks like a hurricane eye near Norfolk, pretty cool
  9. Had to shovel a path to take the dog out. Easily over 12 here but it is hard to get a total with the drifting.
  10. Is anyone else noticing lots of birds flying around ahead of the snow? Here in Sterling they are flying in random patterns with lots of chirping.
  11. Unofficial measurement of 9", snowing at what seems like 1"/hour, 25 degrees, Aldie
  12. It was hard to capture the intensity, but that yellow band was nice. Attached is a picture to show 100% visibility vs the band.
  13. I don't have much to add other than repeating how good this thread is, and thank you for the information. Hopefully as I learn more the weenie-ism of my posts in the model/obs threads will decrease. My most recent example of weenie-ism was trying to use∏=dlm2&zoom=&time= to figure out where the weekend storm was going to go by looking at the 500-850 mb steering layer. Does this site have a purpose, and if so, when might you use it? Coming from a software engineering background, I am curious what programming language most models are developed in? Also, what kind of computers are they using to process all of the algorithms?